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  1. Thanks to all the contributors of this thread. You have been a great help to me, as I look to GM my first RPG ever using the Genesys system on the coming Saturday. I'm very excited and still a bit awed by the amount of work I still need to finish up ... The game is set in the universe "Shadows of the Apt" by the English novellist Adrian Tchaikovsky --> a great mix of typical genres using a lot of historic tropes. Inspired by the Adversary cards linked to in the list, I've made my own fillable PDF with 4 compact Adversary cards per sheet (cheaper to print). I hope that will be helpful to some of you 🙂 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1l1-ADhyz0ZjFzutXEmZouR16PfC3EUG5?usp=sharing EDIT: In the sheet I added an extra level/rank for the Adversaries --> "Legendary". This is only for those NPC's, that you really, really shouldn't **** with. A single NPC with the rank "Legendary" should be considered a threat for (or even the doom of) the whole group of Player Characters ... Like for 4 Kor Blademasters to meet Nicol Bolas, The Fellowship of the Ring to meet Melkor, you and mee to meet Lucifer. That kind of encounter. Encounters in which the players should either speak a VERY good case or prepare to run for the hills. EDIT v2: The Adversary cards are of course too small for most enemies of the Nemesis rank and thereby also the Legendary rank. That is a blunder in my design. For those enemies I'm going to use the sheets already presented in the list of tools.
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