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  1. not sure which tables you're meaning to cut. do you mean all the opps that are specific to techniques?
  2. Interesting. The only thing I can think of is that he really wants the title ability! In terms of a lower school a rank, a lot of techniques use the school rank number for things, how many dice, strife, damage bonus, times per day, ect. So a lower school rank with the same xp COULD be weaker, but it really depends.
  3. Wait.. I think i get whats going on. Player4254778 , your player isn't PAYING half xp for them, is he? You're not giving him the invocations for 2 xp each? or 1, if you're rounding down. He's PAYING 3 xp each, right? but only putting half of that xp towards his title completion?
  4. Don't let the Unicorn leave his horse alone with a "restrained" Tainted shugenja. When the Mantis smuggler mistakes the Dragon Duelist's literalism as flirting, and invites him into the hold of her ship to "check that all her paperwork is in order" while the rest of the party sits on the pier.
  5. Unicorn ride up to the Wall. Crab call out "KI-RIN! IS THAT YOU?" "New clan name! Who dis!?"
  6. we didnt run into this one, im kinda curious now. Strange that there's not a "starving" condition. Also, seeing the thread title, I was fully expecting this to be a 30-50 feral hogs joke.
  7. yes, painted city! I listened to a game being run there once, at a table behind me in a games store while I was playing a small Magic tourney. The DM had the residents basically playing a Rokugani version of Shakespeare, the tempest, I believe. They had several citizens of the city "run into" the party while traveling to the city, and all were stranded there by a strange storm that blew up around the city, keeping anyone from leaving, while they wove the tale of love and betrayal, the party not knowing that everyone else was actors, including the "non scorpion" they had met on the road.
  8. Rights to various properties are sold in various language / format combinations separately. So this could mean that FF parent wanted different percentages for PDF translation, as opposed to print, and the French company didn't want to pay it. Or just that they aren't selling digital other language rights. Its really a question for FFG directly, rather than a forum post. I'd suggest using the contact us link on the main FFG page!
  9. This. (and lets face it, he's right. When I was first introduced to the original card game by a group of 5 players, and they told me about the Unicorn, I said, should't it be ki-rin? and one dude nodded in agreement, and the other four were clueless) And yeah, the Moto had good strong reliable ponys. The Utaku steeds that were power clydesdales came from further afield, and then were bred with the Moto ponys to get todays average Unicorn Warhorse.
  10. yeah, the unicorn is the clan, but they all get horses, generally. Tainted horse means demon steed that will turn against you at a moments notice, and horses are NASTY! my party just took out a minor oni last game, and my horse did about as much damage as the bushi. (now, to figure out how to give its horseshoes the sacred quality....)
  11. Personally, I am irked by the automatic assumption that some people have that any mention of gender fluidity, non binary, or non cis het sexualities are an "in your face activism", and not simply writing that reflects reality. Writing that refuses to accept the reality of humanity and force gender stereotypes and roles on people they don't apply to is in your face activism, imo.
  12. One of the things about becoming a teacher is that you learn about learning. A sensei is someone has completed their own line of training to a level in which they can start teaching others, they've learned how to learn. How about, when watching someone perform a technique of a category you don't know but can learn (so if a kata, you need to already be able to learn katas, ect) , roll the matching roll of what the person rolled (same ring/ability) with a tn equal to the rank of the technique plus one. If succesful, you've learned to copy that technique temporarily. You may activate the technique at any time, using it as if you knew it. Once used, the knowledge gleaned fades, requiring another demonstration to copy again. You may "Store" a number of techniques up to your school rank. two opp on the copy roll, use it twice before it fades. two opp, make a note next to stored technique, reduce tn to use it by one when you use it.
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