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  1. Definitely discussion, but largely GM discretion. My party started with Topaz, and our giri was, among other things, do well at the topaz. We were tagged to be emerald magistrates, and my giri is now, bring honor upon the clan as an emerald magistrate, in order to make future tasks easier. My long term giri definitly has other elements already GM determined after talking to me about who my lord is, and what they want, but from a CHARACTER perspective, its coming a piece at a time. (long term giri is (im a unicorn shugenja, meishodo school) to be trusted enough among the other clans to be able to study with and share lore, and bring back to the Unicorn some of the names and techniques of Kami / spirit worship that were lost during the journey in the Sands. but he doesn't know that yet)
  2. I agree, any instance of "you" should be replaced with the person who triggered the prepared invocation. by breaking the paper and activating the ward, the person who broke the paper is now "you" and the action of readying the weapon is what activated it. Seems legit to me. In terms of not using prepared invocations to save an action... thats exactly what they are for?
  3. honestly, i rarely see it happening, outside of powers used that allow you to alter an opponents dice.
  4. hm. not sure what the writers thought of when they used the term alchemy, but traditional alchemy was about purity. the various Works were intended to purify substances, and to combine substances (impurity) in new ways. healing potions. glue. solvents. thhings like that.
  5. correct, take the choice, pick a ring to raise instead. (a good story reason for it helps. my unicorn could have had a 4 earth. instead, i added to water, to make it also a 3, becasue he spent time as a child on board ship a lot. )
  6. going back to OP, the newest errata DOES state that clan restrictions are not lifted by titles.
  7. thats avatar trip ace for you, he makes comments like this on just about any thread.
  8. well, you have to use SOME poison with the sting. The conditions only proc if you crit with the attack, but if they do hit, you've made it more difficult for your opponent to get away or heal or call for help. Also, veiled menace style only works if they are unaware or disoriented. So thats the purpose of the night milk. BUT! it only works with a critical strike. So, they HAVE to get two opportunities on the deadly sting, or the milk wont work and they can't use veiled menace.
  9. Hmm, rereading, I was wrong, i thought armor reduced damage and deadliness both. hmm.
  10. Armor DOES reduce crits. The crit is of severity of the damage inflicted. You reduce it by the armor before applying the crit table, at least, for crits caused by weapon wounds that go over fatigue. That's why spells and skills that give a flat number for the severity are so powerful, they ignore armor.
  11. are they clan magistrates or emerald? different sets of case types they would see, and remember, the "correct" answer is the one that is "best for the Empire / Emperor". For example, if a powerful lord was assasinated by Kolat, but it looks like an accident... maybe its best to let it be known to be an accident, rather than exposing weakness in the empire and bolstering the Kolat. ideas for intrigue. A samurai who is NOT known for being subtle has letters appear that incriminate him in heresy. but.. a quick examination shows them to be forgeries. A bit of investigation leads to an opposing lord, one KNOWN for his penmanship and skill, as the forger. FURTHER investigation shows that the first samurai has a son who is tops on composition as well, they faked the forgeries to make it look like the second lord was trying to frame the first.
  12. Interesting that this got revived, I'm actually about to have some fun with this as an Emerald Magistrate. A couple is looking to be married, they have to spend a day with a prepared invocation of this, set to share conditions, wrapped around their wrists. First one to get compromised, their potential spouse is going to become compromised as well, and feel their partner. Trying to figure out how to do it for a duel as well. Incapacitate one, both go down.
  13. I wouldnt say that the failure means no bolt, a bolt appears, you just missed your target. still get the aoe of the shock and thunder.
  14. This exactly. Something is going wrong, and a scapegoat has been found.
  15. no, there are actual school abilities that tie into this. so it shouldn't be automatic. the only way its automatic is if they are incapacitated or unconscious. I would say its fair to not allow the target to soak with fatigue, only armor, or perhaps soak fatigue equal to vigilance? but really, if you're assasinating, it shouldnt be a strike. It should be a skill action with a poisoned or assasins weapon.
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