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  1. The Unkun Clans 1) Five Systems 2) Ten planets per system 3) Hostile 4) Tau 5) Humanoid 6) Sorcerous Warp Travel 7) Survival 😎 Chaos Warbands 9) Warfleet The Unkun Clans were once a humaniod Xeno colony on the edge of Kronos Expanse, ignoring everything else around them. Until the servants of Chaos arrived, and after a brutal war, the Unkun managed to drive them off. Their world had already been a horrible place to live, and this thankfully forced the warriors of the Dark Gods to take grueling losses from the land alone; but their society was forever changed. Scarred by Chaos, the Unkun fight for their survival. Soon after this, they have begun to get diplomatic missions by a strange race called the Tau; and with them came the "Greater Good" They are strong fighters, relying on a strict regiment system to fight the enemy, add the fact that they are quite hideous makes things easier for them to scare the enemy. They now resemble a two headed human, their two minds being independent of the other. They are quite large, with tribal tattoos carved into their skin with knives; and prefer melee combat over ranged warfare. Led by Sorcerers into battle, they are a mighty bulwark against the forces of the Imperium, Orks, and anything else that trespasses into their lands. Their intimate knowledge of the Warp and its followers have made them an great asset to the Tau Empire, and as their new friends show them the advanced technology that the Greater Good provides; the warlike Unkun are beginning to mutter about the possibility of an alliance.
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