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  1. Great suggestions. I would also maintain the same number of activation on both sides.
  2. It says the first squadron during your activation, not attack. I.e no attacking with GT twice.
  3. Have you actually played Imperial? If so, how often do you score with bounty? More than 50%? Playing bounty is not as straightforward as you make it sound. You can't go in willy-nilly at the target or risk loosing your 140 points bounty hunter. You need to wait for an opening before you can claim the bounty. Even then, most units these days have some means to cancel the bounty, i.e. e stim. In your point 2a, it's a reverse bounty. Why it's worst because just about anyone can kill the bounty hunter and collect the VP. What's the point? In your point 2b, Unless you're aiming for a tie, why waste effort trying to bump your MOV artificially? In your point 3, So you say it's overpowered, yet you want the same thing for the rebel. This would not amend the issue. Case in point: both sides have snipers. Like most things already in the game, you need to build a list that takes this keyword into account. Strategies around it rather than calling it broken.
  4. I would lend dice to my opponent... that way i can circulate my bad dice into the community.
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