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  1. Yeah, since the Duskblade in the gear section is +3, I'm going to assume that I should be adding the Brawn and not having the plus or simply having damage as 5 might be just a typo or an oversight edit: even though Duskblade and the enchanted blade are clearly different weapons
  2. Dam 7, Crit 3, Breach 1 3 Dam +1 Mods; 2 Decrease Crit Rating by 1 Mods; 1 Item Quality (Knockdown) Mod; 1 Item Quality (Breach +1) Mod 11,000 Credits
  3. Harch seems pretty cool. Additional Limbs for additional free maneuver and Venomous Fangs giving Brawl attack check Stun 3 item quality
  4. Dorsal turret-mounted rapid-fire rotary laser cannon [Short]; Dorsal turret-mounted heavy laser cannon [Short]; one port and one starboard medium laser cannon [Close]; forward-mounted light blaster cannons [Close]; Two retractable hull-mounted anti-personnel flex ordnance launchers [Short]. Says the ordnance launchers use personal scale, but the Speeder and STAP which both use personal scale have ranges of [Long] so I'm not sure if these launchers are intended to be so close range Only new Lightsaber attachments are Christophsis crystals and Catastrophic failure modification
  5. Vulture droids were statted in Rise rather than in Collapse.
  6. Sil 4, Spd 3, Han -1, Def 0/-/-/0, Arm 5, HT 55, ST 50 Weapons: Dorsal turret-mounted rapid-fire rotary laser cannon; Dorsal turret-mounted heavy laser cannon; one port and one starboard medium laser cannon; forward-mounted light blaster cannons(linked 3); Two retractable hull-mounted anti-personnel flex ordnance launchers Additional rules: Anti-personnel ordnance- The juggernaut's flex ordnance launchers can fire any standard grenade All 3. No.
  7. This book has a lot of niche or specialized npcs, at least compared to Rise. Outsider/Criminal Rivals like Nightsister/Brother and Death Watch Warrior Separatist Droids like Aqua Droids, Droideka Sharpshooter, Buzz Droid, Octuparra Tri-Droid, etc.
  8. Not in the vehicle section, no. The Octuparra Tri-Droid is a Rival npc in the very back of the book but I assume you mean the ones with four legs from Episode II?
  9. I'm not that familiar with the old chart, but a legion falls under the Overwhelming category when assigning dice pools. Probably could just house rule it as a smaller amount of dice, but the second largest under Planetary is a Battalion of clone troopers (Vast).
  10. Sil 7, Spd 2, Han -1, Def 3/2/2/2, Arm 6, HT 80, ST 55 Weapons: 3 port and 3 starboard Quad Light Turbolaser batteries; 6 forward-mounted Quad Light Turbolaser batteries; 12 port and 12 starboard heavy laser cannons; 4 forward-mounted assault proton torpedo launchers Massive 1
  11. Starfighters: V-19 Torrent V-Wing ARC-170 ETA-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor Belbullab-22 (Grievous' Starfighter) Droid Tri-fighter Hyena-class Droid Bomber Trident-class assault ship Cruisers: Acclamator-class Planetary Assault Ship Pelta-class Frigate Providence-class Dreadnought Subjugator-class Heavy Cruiser
  12. 1 more Hard Point, 1k more, paragraph text includes an extended description of an integrated comlink compared to the Phase 1 entry but they might be the same. Says scrambler capable of using all standard Republic communications protocols, bu tagain, not sure if this aspect is different from the old one. Doesn't have the GM discretion setback to coordination checks as in phase 1
  13. Vehicles: LAAT/c HMP Droid Gunship BARC Speeder STAP WLO-5 Light Speeder Tank HAVW A6 Juggernaut NR-N99 Persuader Heavy Droid Tank AT-AP AT-RT
  14. Anakin, Ahsoka, Admiral Trench, Aurra Sing, Cad Bane, Maul, Savage Opress, and Mother Talzin are the unique heroes and villains I see.
  15. Yeah, I'm glad, seems like they got most vehicles that you could conceivably want (combined with the other book of course)
  16. I'll respond when I can, there's quite a bit but the trees are: Jedi Career- Master and General (1 Signature Ability- Peerless Interception); Clone Soldier Career- Clone Commander, Clone Veteran, ARC Trooper (1 Signature Ability- Unmatched Teamwork); Universal- Death Watch Warrior, Nightsister, Senator, Separatist Commander
  17. Peerless Interception: Once per sessions as an out-of-turn incidental, the character may spend 2 destiny points to activate PI. For the next two rounds, when the character uses Parry or Reflect to reduce the damage of a hit, they reduce the damage by an additional amount equal to their Force Rating.
  18. Just got my copy and looking through the book now. Clone Soldier career and Jedi career each have one signature ability for those wondering.
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