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  1. Thank you for updating it!
  2. Can we get this updated sometime ? Nothing from gencon online is on it .Some of the stuff is out that says in production. Pure chaos happening!
  3. Yes they need to update that page STAT!
  4. WHO IS ARMOR? never heard of him obviously he is a bum.
  5. Why would you need a solo version when you can just play the app. I love the board game though.
  6. Well that is good to hear. I get app people need to get paid as well. I just never like using the term expansion when it costs just as much as the base.
  7. Anyone that got it tell me how they made it priced 80 dollars . Holy cow.
  8. I honestly think the comic book cover style should be standard. You can read everything better on the picture.
  9. Just wondered if anyone found a use for the card divider in the standard set. Are we supposed to buy inserts to prevent cards from moving?
  10. Thanks a bunch I will look into it.
  11. Anyone found a good product to hold alot of FFG mini cards ? I want a box that fits perfectly . I tried broken token but they are way too expensive for what they are in my opinion.
  12. I cant believe we have to wait another freaking month when the game is already in the elites hands already.
  13. Would like to make a monthly playgroup or more for Arkham Horror games. If you are interested please send me a message.
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