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  1. This came up for me as well last weekend, the wiggle room was the difference between a boost fitting or not. The easiest solution I guess is to line up the middle line of the template with the middle line of the ship cardboard. This cancels any variance in width between templates used in the game and between template and ship base.
  2. for sure, I had IG88-C in the squad builder and then figured out I could take A and forgot to take off EU of Dace.
  3. Dace Bonearm (IG-88D, Engine Upgrade, Conner Nets, Trickshot) IG-88 A (Contraband Cybernetics, Ion Cannon, IG-2000) IG-88 B (Contraband Cybernetics, Ion Cannon, IG-2000) Flew this against Plo Koon, Obi-Wan and Ric, all with R2. The damage output of the IG's is pretty low, as I really tried to just get things ioned. It really is a "dirty scummy tricks" jank list but those IG's are just so much fun to fly. Trickshot did wonders on the two die turret of the HWK, I'm keeping that, I didn't use Engine upgrade once, I will replace with Cybernetics next time. Dace's ability was basically useless because I was up against small base ships. For casual nights this will be a fun list, and I can't wait to use Dace on a Decimator, but top tier it ain't. I shouldn't have won my game, but I did as my opponent flew her squad for the first time and hadn't played in a while.
  4. Something as simple as incorporating some of the wording of the Outer Rim Pioneer, which comes in the same pack, would have made things way easier: ORP: Friendly ships at range 0-1 can perform attacks at range 0 of obstacles. Qi'ra: While you move and perform attacks, you ignore obstacles that you are locking. Text for Qi'ra could be: While you move and perform attacks, you ignore obstacles that you are locking. You can perform attacks at range 0 of obstacles that you are locking. Explicitely stating the rule you're breaking on the card, would have made things so much clearer...such a simple solution, one would almost think they didn't want us to attack while on a rock, even if you have it locked with Qi'ra on board... oh wait... 😉
  5. I always read it as "Since I'm on an asteroid, I cannot perform the attack as per the rules, thus, there is no possibility for Qi'ra to ignore the asteroid while performing the attack, as I'm not allowed to perform the attack in the first place" I was surprised to learn people interpreted that differently only recently, but I do see why. I searched for an answer a few months ago, but didn't find this thread until now.
  6. soooo.... months after this thread was active, I'm still confused: are we still having this discussion or has the community come to a consensus based on big tournament rulings and/or has FFG given us a clear answer on the question and I missed both? Looking at the wording of the Outer Rim Pioneer in the Escape Craft, maybe the answer is that if they wanted Qi'ra to allow a ship to attack at range 0 of an obstacle they would have explicitely said so?
  7. I always wondered what happened to the X-Wing with a crew that Kenner prototyped as a toy. It was ugly as all ****, so maybe FFG could polish the design a bit, but I wouldn't mind seeing that one pop up.
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