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  1. It currently looks just as good as when I put it on, but I've only flown the model once since and I haven't handled it much beyond what was necessary. I would bet it holds up pretty well if you don't touch the chromed parts. Amazon reviews do mention it can dull up if you do though
  2. Picked up one of the chrome markers mentioned elsewhere somewhere around here, pretty happy with how it turned out. Original paint on left for reference. Super tempted to do the other in full chrome.
  3. As a Hera Ghost fan, I would actually agree she's pretty much costed right, and crew/other options coming down is all she really needs. The others could certainly stand to come down a bit though.. Kanan more like 6-8 down And I know its not possible, but I think any of the VCX-100's would be much safer to run in a list with an extra shield or 2. 1st Ed may have gotten the 10/6 more right than 2nd's 10/4
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