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  1. Do you think guidance is going to break into Vader's three powers? Gives him something to do as he's advancing and him and IRG are good targets for it. I think Throw/Push/Guidance could be interesting. The question is does it beat Throw/Reflexes/Push?
  2. Would limiting the Commander inspiration range to 1, with an upgrade card/ability for +1 be an effective way to shift from the staleness of corp spam? Panic immunity would be something big for vehicles to leverage.
  3. So, I've heard rumors of 500 points becoming more standard to help games finish on time. I happen to enjoy playing at 500 as well, so this is good with me. But that's not what this is for. A) Suppose the only change to a 500 point format is dropping the minimum corps units to 2 (because this basically has to happen), how does the meta shift from the current 800 point format. Do we still see 3 snipers, or are bodies more important? Do vehicles still suffer, or can they now destroy enough units? B) What other changes would you like to see at 500? 3x4 ft board, 3x3? Reduce all long edge deployment zone measurements by 1? One less of all max unit types (barring commander)? Does it need new missions entirely?
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