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  1. Have just ordered one of these on amazon, because it looks ideal. Thanks!
  2. Ah great, that looks perfect thanks. If only I'd noticed it before ordering the case!
  3. Hi all. I've recently purchased a feldherr mini case (with pick and pluck foam). It works out quite nicely with one layer for ships, one layer for dials, bases, pegs and ship cardboard. This gives me one layer's worth of space for tokens. Rather than using the pick and pluck foam to store tokens, I was wondering if anybody here had come across and good alternative token storage solutions that would fit in the case. Case in question is here - https://www.feldherr.net/feldherr-mini-plus-half-size-for-x-wing-miniatures/a-49491 Thanks for the advice!
  4. No idea what niche they'll fill in the faction, but I really want v wings to happen. They look so cool.
  5. Not sure what will happen for the Republic gunships side arcs, as the model doesn't have the spherical side turrets - it seems to be the space version of the gunship that didn't have those turrets.
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