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  1. https://parts.asmodeena.com/partsrequests/ I have only had one fault and have bought many many ffg products. I submitted the request and had a replacement in a few weeks, which only took so long because of international shipping.
  2. Could you expand on how those lists are played please? I don't understand how they work. With very few heavy weapons on the corps units they won't have the fire-power to push damage past cover. With very few sniper teams the enemy snipers will win the sniper war very early on and then have a field day with the rest of the army. You are also going to be out activated in almost every match up. How do you approach a meta list without getting completely shot to pieces before your army does anything of substance? @Dave Grant
  3. I normally play imperials where setting up a good squadron base is relatively straight forward: Dengar + Mauler Jendon + Maarek Then fill out the rest of the points with your choice of advanced + bombers or ties + interceptors depending on what you want to do. I want to try some rebel lists but am a little stumped on how to set up rebel squadrons. Do all rogues work or is Yavaris + non-rogues the way to go?
  4. I would consider moving the officer and medical droid from the fleets to the regular troopers. The officer can still inspire to help the fleets get in close, the medical droid unit can either move up to heal the fleets or back to heal the snipers as needed, and the fleets will likely get focused down so the expensive upgrades are likely to stay on the table longer.
  5. There are many ways to fix the sniper problem: Make strike teams unique Make strike teams a detachment Limit the snipers range (2-4, 3+, 1-4, lots of options) Increase cost Remove keywords Make the sniper exhaust It doesn't matter which combination of the above they go with. I don't think terrain is a good solution. In any given tournament there should be tables with a variety of terrain. On any given table there should be different areas with different types of terrain. That variety keeps things interesting and makes different units shine in different circumstances.
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