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  1. @angelman2 and @Uninvited Guest. Those answers were perfect. Thank you so much!
  2. So I know that I’m super late to the party, but my copy of the base game is coming tomorrow. I have some friends that will probably play with me a bit, but I’m imagining that most of my gameplay will be solo using the app. That being said, the base game is all that I have picked up so far. Are there any expansions that DON'T add anything to the game when playing with the app? I plan on getting some, but would hate to purchase it only to find out that the app doesn’t really use any of it's content. Also, it looks like Return to Hoth and Jabba's Realm have campaigns in the app. Do the other physical expansions open up additional scenarios to play through, or are you just using the characters and cards found in those with the 3 main campaigns in the app? Thanks!
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