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  1. Hello, my Character is Boba Fett , my Gears are : Blaster Rifle and Grenade Launcher. Crew is 4-Lom. So i have 7 Attack Dice for Grund Combat : 3+1+2+1. Is that rigtht ? Ship Combat: Firespray Slave One with 3 Mods : Autoblaster + Quad Laser Cannon + Ion Cannon. Can I use it together in a single Ship Combat ? Can´t find any Rules ( Weapon Restriction for Ground/Ship Combat) about this. I played it in this way: Ground Combat :Max. ONLY 2x 1-handed Weapon (e.g. Vibroknife+Heavy Blaster Pistol) or 1x 2-handed Weapon( e. g. Grenade Launcher). Ship Combat: At the Beginning : Choose only 1 of the Shipweapon i have. Thanks.
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