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  1. Those texts are seen in the Falcon at the end of that movie. Rey snatched them before leaving.
  2. How would the testing go? Ace have to destroy all the ships? Point total? Time Limit? A lot of variables for a survey, so really you can't draw anything from this. Well, besides the fact that some people didn't understand the question/troll (6 and 0) or the dynamics of multiple ships vs 1 (This wouldn't be Fly Casual AI) I'd also join in on testing sometime if someone wanted to.
  3. Funfact: For all the love that player got, there was another who made cut in every space jam flying more Sycks (with a couple mining guild ties)
  4. Zizi is only an overabundance in her faction, which is the fifth most represented faction. That faction also performs at the fifth worst rate. Does that mean she's autoinclude because she's op, or because that rest of the faction isn't good?
  5. That's a problem, yeah... Vonreg isn't good enough to be in a third of all FO lists. Then again, Kylo is in probably 200/322
  6. Soontir is r3 with a focus. Do you spend a health on a tie to get 2 hits and a crit? What if he has focus/evade? Or you have 2 other 2 die shots coming at him, but those are r3 obs? 3 Agility ships are a gamble to use vs unless you can guarantee the damage is going through.
  7. Is it? Like, I figured 5A wrecks Boba/Fenn. 2 die guns DO hit Boba, the nimbleness and rear arc of the A wings keep Fenn on his toes, and 3 agility means Boba is generally only paper cutting you. You should also be able to make it so he only has 1 ship r1 a round at most, and whatever ship he does damage can run around afterwards. Boba and other stuff I can see being problematic however. Idk, with my triple silencers I had some fear of Boba but thought he's been more overhyped over what he 'can do' as opposed to what he actually does. Because he does take damage, even with rerolls, and even with Slave 1 can be corralled.
  8. I will defend blackout as well. However I'll defend that he's only a tanky ps5 interceptor, that can get free offensive mods (fanatical). His ability is usually a trap or tech vs droids. BO vs Kylo is no contest at 13 points. Free calculates every round is that good. Funfact: Generally BO averages more damage not shooting through a gas cloud than through one. Exceptions are 2 -> 1 with focus and 1 -> 0
  9. Aye, that list, with so many control options, is a good counter point. Even if it doesn't tractor you onto a rock, it'll still ruin your day. I had forgot that, while only thinking about lists with 1-2 options. Ketsu and Dooku definitely require specific ways to approach, and depending on obstacles and board layout you can't just say "stay away from the rocks." But I feel it's pretty close to that. But I agree throughout your post, thanks for clarifying the tractor!
  10. I'll take the bait/walk into the net. Nets - They are apparent when they are about to be sprung. Can be avoided or mitigated with proper maneuvering. Killboxes - same thing. It takes a lot of setup a surprise one, and won't happen every game. Stress them - requires specific list building, and isn't as effective vs every list. You can't change lists in tournaments afterall. Tractor them - why are they next to the rocks? If they move after you, why are they in a position to be tractored? This includes quadjumpers. Nantex: the ace player has a general idea where you're arc will be. If they move after you, they should be able to maneuver in a way to make sure they aren't r1. Quads: harder, but again, you can learn their threat range. Block them - Give away a shot, and most aces have passive mods. So sorta ok? Also if you miss, your ship is likely out of position for 2+ turns. All that, and you missed the 2 most important ones: Keep a wide arc. Vs good aces, you don't try to get the high quality shots. You just try to get shots, which leads to.... Corral them. Most ace players will opt out of getting shot rather than risk getting shot, due to green dice variance. Use this to force their movements into a corner or obstacles. I'm happy you can beat your locals, but not all locals are created equal. There's a greater understanding to be had when you realize this. Most of the people in this thread are quality players from all over the world. Now that doesn't make everything said here correct, but there is a wider range of experiences put into what is said.
  11. I wouldn't call taking a stress token trivial. Stressed soontir and kylo is much sadder than unstressed. Much more blockable and you can follow up on them. There is something to be said about depleting ships force. Although it doesn't 'feel' as good, it does limit the ships mod options, specifically if they shoot first. Whisper is whisper 🤷‍♂️
  12. Smikies02

    Aces High Help

    They didn't believe hard enough
  13. Smikies02

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    Until you come across me "I don't believe you, roll the dice!"
  14. MOAR TOKENS! Easy to implement, but we can't overcomplicate the game. It's already a turn off to some new players if they don't have prior miniature experience.
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