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  1. To add, we also have the dials of the new ships, and general idea of slots. Just guesstimate the points of a ship and you can proxy the stuff as well. So ya... Whats the o/u on new stuff in cut per event? 1.5? 2.5?
  2. Keep your distance and use the obstacles. Ahsoka has TL + Focus or Evade + Force or Evade + Focus every round, so she's relatively safe. Kylo doesn't have SNR, and while having good blues, is limited if using Autothrusters. Keep him in that R2-R3 arc band and you'll eventually get a couple of highly modified shots, and should be able to poke damage in on him. Just don't let him get R1 on the maneuver, where he can arc dodge and still get a shot. Take advantage of blocking for resets and to get behind as well. If you can get behind him, you can keep major pressure on him as well, since he'll have to stress himself to get out of arc. Depending on board state, I can win this anywhere from 25-50% of the time. Sense helps out a bit, but so does SpareParts - This should put fear in Kylo, as Ahsoka can drop the spare parts to double/triple stress and really limit Kylo. Sense vs double reposition in a 1v1 loses a lot of power, since he has so many ending locations. Depending on board state, I can win this anywhere from 35-60% of the time. Ahsoka has the better solo ability. Do people not realize that Ahsoka's ability affects herself? Focus + TL + 1 force > TL + 3 force, specially since Ahsoka can always have atleast focus + TL, whereas Mace may be down to Force + TL Otherwise same concept: Keep your distance for a wider arc that's harder to arc dodge. Depends on bid, for final points. If we are both equal, Jedi only have 2 final salvo vs 3 for Kylo. Probably around 30-55% though, depending on board state.
  3. Is explaining your list actually bad? Like, that is something you should tell your opponent, specially in a casual game. That or you surprise them when it's relevant.
  4. There was also an old joke a while back, where "rebel players" are bad, and the only reason they do well is because players from other factions played them. Also, "rebel players" are still bad: They still don't know who Biggs is. (he's been used 21 times since Wave 4, twice without config, whereas Arvel has been used 36 times and Thane 34)
  5. And the person I was responding to couldn't grasp that spreading damage was good
  6. Whisper will hardly be the issue. Sure, you can get 3 evades, but like wazat said, you're wasting the slot on something that could make you offensively more consistent. All the +1 reds or Turr is what's really going to break Snap Shot.
  7. Further proving that the issue with the Rebel faction is the Rebel players. Can't understand the value of spreading damage, and keeping ships on the board. Really though, they are probably the most balanced. Their best archetype is beef, but they can play other types effectively. Maybe a bit of other factions do the other archetypes better is keeping their numbers down. Then again, they're definitely going to seem lower after they were everywhere last point update.
  8. Does he still exist? I thought they removed Scum from the game after the first points rebalance. Or was it with the release of Wave 3?
  9. Even if the words have nearly no effect whats so ever WITHOUT an EPT or 1 time use missle which costs additional points? Why is there even a tax on the EPT slot? Shouldn't that just be put into the costs of the EPT's? Naked Recoil basically reads: If stressed, r1, and flying vs Luminara laugh as she tries to modify your dice.
  10. Is 14 for Anakin in a Y-wing ok though? Is there any way it's balanced in an i6, 8 health, "I don't take crits" ability, that has 3 force?
  11. And then Korr Sella removes all the stress after going over the debris.
  12. Having their end game ship yolo joust your swarm is also an effective strategy.
  13. Feint the attack on the flanking regen ace before crashing on the rest of their list works best, imo. Feinting should keep the regen ace out of the fight an additional turn or 2. Because why would they turn their end game piece into your list?*
  14. Forced to BR before the boost Being able to choose between Strain or Deplete is definitely better than having a stress token. Stress makes your next moves rather telegraphed. Strain only hurts if they a. attack you before a blue or b. roll more hits than your -1 green. Deplete, if it works the way we suspect, only hurts if your shooting. Since you choose which one, you'll know what one to take. Arc dodging? Take the Deplete. Killing something? take the Strain. Don't feel like/can't arc dodge while having a shot? Don't double action!
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