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  1. I've created three new careers as options for players in my campaigns. They are based after Runner's factions from the LCG. A runner may choose one of these set of of skills instead the Runner career listed on the book. I opted for not include combat skills in any of them as a design option since the original career listed on the book doesn't have any. But you could replace Resilience for Brawl for Anarchs and Cool for Ranged Light for Criminals, since those 2 make sense. Shapers should not have combat skill as careers skills ever. =============== SHAPERS To others, Shapers seem like idealistic naifs. They’re not motivated by rage against the corporate injustice that is a daily fact of life for the disenfrancistos. They’re not in it for the money. Many never understand why Shapers do what they do, but it’s not actually very complicated. Shapers are motivated by curiosity and a certain amount of pride, and view their talents as a performing art. A Shaper may orchestrate a data raid as underhanded and destructive as the most frothing Anarch , but their goals are different: the Shaper just wants to see if they can do it before anyone else, do it faster, do it with custom-built tools, with less preparation, etc.. Shapers are also tinkerers and builders, and they push their hardware and software beyond their limits. Computers (Hacking), Computers (Sysops), Knowledge (The Net), Skulduggery, Discipline, Mechanics, Perception, Charm ANARCHS Anarchs have strong contempt for the corporate oligarchs, the whole corrupt system, and often for society in general. Whatever the exact target of their rage, their unifying characteristic is their anger. At their worst, Anarchs just want to watch the world burn. At their best, Anarchs are tireless champions for the downtrodden and oppressed. In either case, they reject the financial motivation of the Criminal either as selfish or corrupt, and the dalliances of the Shaper as a waste of time. They’re very good at breaking things, spreading viruses, and trashing Corporation assets and programs. Depending on the individual, the collateral damage their activities cause may concern them, or it may not. Computers (Hacking), Computers (Sysops), Knowledge (The Net), Skulduggery, Streetwise, Resilience, Vigilance, Coercion CRIMINALS Criminals are in it for themselves. All runners are technically criminals, at least if you ask the corps, but these runners embrace it. They make self-interest an art form and may not care who gets hurt so long as they get ahead. They have a professional poise that Anarchs lack, but with a more direct purpose to their craft than the Shaper. Many Criminals engage in more traditional forms of crime as well, stealing data and money with equal gusto. Criminals are good at covering their tracks and employing a variety of dirty tricks to attack from an unexpected angle. For the career Criminal runner, no payday is worth unprepared risk, so their approaches to jobs favor caution, measured response, and at least 2-3 escape plans should things go pear-shaped. Computers (Hacking), Computers (Sysops), Knowledge (The Net), Skulduggery, Cool, Deception, Negotiation, Stealth
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