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  1. I used to run her with Pathfinders and Leia/Chewy. Jyn and Pathdinders would deploy on one objective and Leia would lead the rest of my army to another nearby objective. I would dodge and shoot with pathfinders and advance with the other force. In my area this strategy worked well as it split my opponent's attention and forced him to decide which force was the larger threat.
  2. Anybody notice that the gunner upgrades for the Barc look like they reduce max speed by 1? Might give better control during those compulsory moves. I could see using a compulsory move then aim and fire or something similar. Zip out when things heat up.
  3. Lacking, yes. Perhaps in the future FFG will add more of these options, which may help us deal with snipers, etc, in new and interesting ways- I like the concept of maximum firepower and coordinated bombardment being expanded upon. I don't think realism is perhaps the point. What I was getting at was more that snipers can be a counter to snipers. I don't think it is an ideal solution, but is an option. I also agree with the discussion regarding using strike teams for activation padding. I don't play competitively, but, in the games I do play I have noticed that 2+ activations over the opponent makes a large difference. Strike teams can really make that possible.
  4. There is historical precedence here though. In Legion we are at least limited by how many of each unit may be brought. The alternatives are either better units to take out snipers, or better tactics.
  5. Personally, I see high velocity as the game representation of a sniper firing on an unsuspecting target. Unless you have the Force, you don't know to dodge the shot that you don't see coming. Further, I think that greater use of LoS blocking terrain mitigates the effectiveness of snipers. In a barren battlefield, snipers will be incredibly deadly. Additionally, I think that strategy/tactics come into play- if the opponent is using a sniper heavy army, you will need to assess how you intend to deal with them and probably make better use of cover and sight blocking terrain. I don't think they are necessarily broken, but I do think that people need to use more *and* varied terrain if they want a better shot at getting in range to take out snipers... You could also consider using your own snipers as a deterrent/counter.
  6. I think her biggest advantage is infiltrate. I like to bring her with two squads of pathfinders and drop them on an objective. You control that portion of the board and force your opponent into either ignoring that objective, or dealing with an entrenched force. Is she worth the points? Maybe not, but I think it's a pretty fun way to play. Before Death Troopers came out I was winning a lot as Rebels, but not so much now- having fun is a lot more important when you aren't winning as much 😛
  7. I have had pretty good success with Jyn. My strategy usually involves plopping Jyn and Pathfinders onto a single objective and holding the line. I typically roll with Leia and Chewbacca as well, pushing towards the other objectives with Corps troopers. My opponents tend to focus on one force over the other, typically my hero heavy flank. This allows Jyn and the Pathfinders to deal out some damage and assist the other Rebels. I have not shied away from using her in melee. I was able to easily defeat Boba Fett by goading him into melee and I bring tenacity on Jyn. I think the trick is to use Jyn to engage in melee after the target has been softened up by Corps fire. I typically only lose her if I play too aggressively with her, or try to solo the opposing commander.
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