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  1. Hi all, I'm curious whether there are any rules for species with multiple limbs wielding more than one pair of blasters? I've been thinking of playing a Harch Gunslinger who wields six different blasters, but I didn't know if there were specific rules beyond the normal dual-wielding rules?
  2. Stats for the GALAAR-15? Including rarity and maybe anything special in the long text? Plus price if you don't mind.
  3. Nice. Does it have a lot of hardpoints? My Death Watch Warrior Bounty Hunter might like that if he has to face any Inquisitors any time soon.
  4. Anyone get the stats on the Beskad sword? Anything special about it?
  5. Westar-35, Crushgaunts? And the Portable Plasma Shield, Whipcord Thrower. Also what their rarities are?
  6. Hello everyone, First time posting here so forgive me for any mistakes I make. I've been playing in a EotE game lately and recently watched the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay trailer. In it, the main character uses a droid that climbs up and sort of hooks onto their back. Seeing this gave me an idea for my Bounty Hunter and I was wondering if you all could please help me with suggestions for the mechanics of a droid jetpack. My idea is that it's a collapsible droid, like the DUM-series pit droids that can hook onto your back and functions as a Jetpack whilst also providing utility slicing/scanning/light repairs, etc. in it's mobile form. I would also like if it could potentially work as a regular backpack for storage and my GM even suggested stimpack administration (though I'm hesitant to make it TOO strong less I risk it being OP). Any help here would be much appreciated. In advance, I'd like to thank anyone who reads this. It's much appreciated and I look forward to any responses I get. Thank you.
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