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  1. Excellent I will try watered down PVA brushed on. Thanks. Any Particular ratio?
  2. I have decided enough is enough and we need some terrain (Barricades only suffice for so long). My son has decided we are having an Endor table, so I thought I would start with some Cover One Scatter terrain log piles. Watched a great video from the Terrain Tutor (Fellow Stokie, excellent you tuber) about using cheap aquatic plants for terrain. I am very pleased with the first attempt, but need some advice on how best to seal them. Is watered down PVA best? But I don't want them to be glossy. Could I get away with a matt varnish? New time terrain builder is in need of guidance. As this is such a great community I know you will know the answer to my question. Thank you in advance. Will add to post as I create other terrain pieces and eventually a modular table.
  3. A huge thank you to everyone who helped. I have now had the courage to paint my first set of eyes that have turned out OK. (bit of an issue with the one on the right side, but it will come with practice). Not ready just yet for Palpatine but with a set of Wookie Warriors and two units of Rebel Troopers to practice on first I am feeling more confident. What an excellent community this is. Thank you for all your positive advice and feedback. Much appreciated. :0)
  4. I used the GW paints shown in pic below: Primed with Choas black primer from GW. Base coat with Rakarth Flesh Mix 3:1 ratio of Lahmiam medium and Druchii Violet (create a light purple shade) and shade all over highlight with Ulthian Grey (I highlighted the nose, cheeks, brow, chin & lips) Re apply thinned down Druchii Violet shade to darken the grey a bit. Create a shade with the pink horror & Lahmiam medium (think I did a 4:1 ratio of Medium to paint) and paint this only in eye sockets. Teeth were done with Zandri Dust and shaded with good old Agrax Earth shade. Hope this helps.
  5. Agreed Dettol is magic. It worked on some 20 year old Space crusade minis of mine. Took three layers of paint off no problem and didn't damage the plastic minis at all.
  6. Have recently got into Star Wars legion and started painting the minis, I have always hated doing eyes and try to avoid where possible as I always seem to mess them up. (not enough practice). So I decided to not paint in the eyes on Emperor Palpatine. But when finished I think he needs them. What do you think? Also has anyone got an image of the eyes painted on the emperor, can't seem to find any good examples to copy from on tinternet? Below is the current state of the mini... Thanks for the help n advice (in anticipation).
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