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  1. Thanks! As for that... Tried to slightly improve some details on Jane Fairwood I wasn't quit happy with. These things are tiny... If FFG ever brings a third edition, I'd love to just have slightly improved rules, but a slightly larger mini scale and better quality. Also started the first elemental.
  2. Hold your jaw for a moment: Yes, they're painted freehand. It's a lot easier than it might appear. You obviously need to have a bit of patience, brushes with a good tip, work with thin paint and generally paint in "layers": from dark areas to light areas. E.g. all gras sections are just dabbed on in three to four layers from a darker green to lighter greens with a brush tip. For the Merriods and Zachareth I used a small bristle brush. For Jane Fairwood I did use a small regular brush's tip, since the base was too small otherwise. Take the time to paint a dark brown splotch underneath it beforehand that will just slightly extend beyond all sides of the gras patch and you're generating a depth effect. As for stone, here's a great tutorial someone on BGG created.
  3. Thanks! I'd really like FFG to have professionally painted demo minis for all their board games. I just like to look at well painted minis, so I looked around quite a while for Descent. My top Descent minis would be: Sorastros set. In combination with his terrific videos, they served a great motivation to get the painting project started. There's also a definite progresssion from his first minis to the later ones, but none are painted to an outlandish showcase standard as to discourage others. Darthtom's set. For my taste the style lacks some contrast, but they're incredibly meticulously painted. Also has quite a few expansion/lieutnant minis that you rarely see painted to such a high standard. Darkstar's heroes. Undoubtedly the best Descent minis I've personally seen. Unfortunately they did only show a small set of hereoes and don't seem to be active anymore.
  4. I liked the plain black bases for the small creatures. It looked wrong for the large beasts to me. 🤷‍♂️ Consistency is king though, so all other models will receive painted bases, that hopefully will blend in well with the board artwork. Today I managed to finish the first hero(ine): Jane Fairwood. Feels good to play with a painted hero now! Took quite a while however and there are seven more of those to go. 😭
  5. What is it specifically you don't like about the lieutnants' bases? Is it the purple rim? I'd appreciate if you painted your own set and didn't steal my minis. They are quite a bit of work. 😝
  6. Late to the party here, but this year, I finally started to tackle one of the "TODO" items I kept in the back of my mind: Painting my set of Descent 2nd edition minis. The last minis I painted before that were the Runebound minis in 2009. Finally starting to play the game with a semi regular group, after I bought it in 2013 and had it sitting on the shelf for years greatly contributed to the motivation. Lastly, Sorastros excellent painting videos did their part, too. As motivation and as soothing background noise while painting. I'll post my minis here as I go along. Progress will be slow unfortunately, since painting minis is competing for time with everything else, as always. Painting these is addicting. While the Descent minis don't touch GW or CMON minis in terms of quality, often both in terms of their sculpt and of production/material, they are satisfying to paint. It's possible to finish them relatively "quickly" (I paint slowly...) and they considerably enhance the ambience of the game once done. I'd really like to own all addons with minis painted up at some point. Realistically though, I'll never find the time, neither to play all that content, nor to paint all those minis. 🤷‍♂️🖌 CC away! It started with the smaller minions. ... Then continued with the Merriods. The smaller minions' bases will be retrofitted with a bit of paint at some later point, but the Merriod's bases left so much empty room that it looked unfinished when left just black compared to small minions. And I was resolved to not mess around with any kind of structure or base texture for Descent. Lastly, I painted two of the Lieutnant addons for the base game, Lady Eliza Farrow and Baron Zachareth. All the heroes, most of the large monsters and the rest of the base game's lieutnants are still waiting... There may also be the Visions of Dawn addon sitting in a cupboard waiting to be painted after the base game is done. Lack of self control and all... 😝
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