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  1. Neither, Dragons follow the normal retreat rules. The only instance in which they "fly" is when forced to retreat from whence they came.
  2. I've played 3 and 4, and TI4 is quite possibly one of my three favorite tabletop games ever. I will preface my suggestions with the fact that I enjoy an overflowing amount of racial and diplomatic options in my games, but I fully understand why some wouldn't. What I would like to see is: -At least two more ground units. Currently space combat is dynamic and interesting, but ground combat is decidedly less so. I understand that the reference cards would have to be individual cards that you'd line up next to your tech cards or whatnot, but at least this approach allows for easy addition of races. -A few more races. Too many would exhaust what is possible with the mechanics and the feeling of uniqueness, but I think around 24 would be nice, so 8 player games could give out three choices. -Far more systems and tiles. I don't really see a reason any of us wouldn't want that, its just more variety. TI4 uses almost all non-home tiles every game, and I want to see some radical change baby! - 7&8 player expansions. I am blessed to have many friends who enjoy TI, and I always liked to play gray in TI3. Plus, it would inevitably come with more tiles. No real reason not to have this, especially if its a mini expansion so players that don't want it can get all the new content without shelling out for this plastic they'd rarely use. - Leave the simple tech rules, but add more faction specifics. This edition was far more simple to teach new players, and it works well, but I'd like one or two more for each faction. -More varied objectives. Notably combat based ones. I love a good peaceable game as much as the next person, but the L1Z1X player should be able to fulfil objectives so they can at least pretend they aren't just being an *** to the Hacan player. -More promissory notes. I ******* love these and would like a few more. that is all. -faction/token sheet sleeves. I am incredibly neurotic about component safety, and you'll never see a card out of a sleeve at my house. I want to protect those big, beautiful faction sheets. -More interaction with the planet types. something to make them not just "oh I guess my action card applies to that one..." -Some neat scenarios like the old fall of the Lazax one, and some interesting galaxy set ups when we have more tiles. -A mini-expansion with unique flagship figs. Totally optional, but for the super-fans that can scrape up the money, it would be very cool. -More lore for the Roleplaying game I'm running in this setting. Not really important, but I love TI's setting and use a generic sci-fi system. I'm a lore goblin. Feed me FFG.
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