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  1. Hey Guys, I don’t mean to hijack this thread but just a quick question in reference to what you said about LoS. I hate the DE2 LoS rules because practically speaking they often don’t make sense. For example, if you are behind someone in a straight line you can’t see around them but if you are diagonal then you. An because the corners are in line. Anyway I’ve always been afraid to ruin the balance. How do you feel about other rule changes like the 2 stamina to move limit? Thanks and sorry again for being off topic.
  2. I’m curious after reading through some of your comments if this has just become a passion project (meaning that some of the cards were broke and since you started fixing you might as well do them all) or if you truly believe some of these cards are really that bad? Because as I said in the other thread, I can agree with some things like All-Knowing or even I’ll concede on the Elementalist because I don’t play as OL but take Surprise Assault for example. You said,”This card was WAY too strong compared with similar abilities in other classes (e.g. Bow Mastery, Weapon Mastery), as the condition is not very hard to meet and this only costs 1xp to acquire. Now this effect is only usable once per turn. It also has a chance to fail if the attack misses to compensate for being cheaper in xp than other surge-generating options.” I disagree. 1. After a round or two in most encounters it isn’t that easy to be out of LOS because the 1-1 corner barely blocks anything. Or you have to spend an action to move into position so you only have 1 attack. 2. The rule as written can waste the surge with a miss. So you don’t gain or lose from that. 3. You are correct about the other mastery cards, but there are other similar skills which don’t require exhausting the card like Concoction. That can be used twice and doesn’t have the limitation of LoS and gains Pierce 1. So do you suggest that card is WAY too powerful? I’m not trying to be a ****. Im genuinely curious.
  3. You missed my point. I was just listing one of dozens of examples of skills and combos that could be taken as OP in very specific conditions. But anyway, I have no experience as an overlord since I play solo most of the time. Therefore I can’t really argue against your point.
  4. I don’t disagree that some of the cards are worded poorly and seem to create some OP combos. But to be honest, except for maybe this All-Knowing issue none of it is really game breaking even the Elementalist. Actually, what I mean is that there are numerous other examples of OP combos in previously released material that wasn’t hated on nearly as much as this expansion and confusing wording that caused much weeping and gnashing of teeth. For example, the Bounty Hunter can Lie in Wait and combo into Rapid Fire and still have 2 attacks left that turn. Add another attack if you are playing 2 players and another if you are Logan Lashley. That’s 6 attacks for 1 stamina and 4 XP plus 6 movement points. Or 4 attacks and two movement points without Logan and 2 players. That is very specific obviously, but not difficult to come by especially if you are playing a mini-campaign. And if you want to complain about confusing wording just search for the threads about almost every Beastmaster skill Especially Feral Frenzy and Savagery.
  5. Official answer from FFG: “Hi David, Sorry for the extremely late response. My inbox has been silently failing to deliver me rule questions for some time now and I just discovered the issue. It appears that I wrote that text with some intent that I never executed. As far as I can see, it actually does—and so means—nothing. Sorry for the confusion.” Nathan Hajek
  6. Ahhhh! That is great. Yes that was what I meant. I had no idea that you could do that. I always get worried about perils and the Merriods coming from behind. I panic and open both doors. I know it sounds stupid but I play by myself with 4 heroes and I forget things sometimes. Thanks for the tip.
  7. After reading this discussion, I wonder how many of you watched the FFG live play through of the first Embers of Dread encounter using this expansion? The creators of this expansion didn’t even use LoS rules. They had monsters attacking from 8 spaces away through other heroes and monsters. It was disheartening.
  8. You are correct. It is actually a nice little story point to tie things together. Unfortunately I keep losing that stupid quest. I always forget not to go to the bottom of the map because it is just there to get a reward. Then my team gets separated and way too many monsters on the map.
  9. What is the community consensus on what this means? This is from the Kindred Fire Finale. The text at the start of the quest and after each rounds states, "At the end of each round, Kildarth leads the zombies forward." However, it doesn't clearly state what it means. It also doesn't automatically activate them an extra time each round on the monster track so I'm confused. I chose to just play it as flavor text buy I'm curious. Is it: a. just flavor text reminding you that Kildarth is the zombie master? b. an extra move action for zombies who normally have Shambling? c. an extra activation? Dave
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