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  1. I keep him on a shelf, overlooking the lounge.
  2. I can only speak for the UK listings.
  3. Resistance was so successful it wasn't brought to Disney Plus...
  4. If you are still looking for Kayn Somos, I have a spare. Blister box has gone, but everything else should be there? (UK Based)
  5. As someone who recently completed the first Descent campaign, I would say that IA is lot more balanced. You no longer roll the blue die with a guaranteed miss on the attack. You can have the defender completely dodge the attack, or you could fail to make range on your attack. (Range in Descent is measured by squares between targets. In IA you also need to include the square the target is on.) Large figures do not shrink down to a size of 1 square to run across the map. They are required to move as the size they are, and can walk over other units of a smaller size, which would get pushed out of the way if they then end their move on top of a unit. Attribute tests are done with the attack dice. You just need to roll the surge result for a success, as opposed to the Overlord constantly forcing you to roll black and white defence dice and roll a total shield value under a certain value. Galactic Empire units cannot heal. Players can heal. When you rest, any leftover strain (fatigue) that you would have recovered if you weren't maxed out will recover health, so you re no longer doomed for not taking a healer.
  6. Indeed. Very sad, but to mention frustrating for all the money I've lost in air fare and accommodation, but it would be nice for FFG to post someone publicly. Apparently on their Organised Play FB page there is a post saying they are looking at options, but my heart tells me IA well never get it's final day in the sun. I want to be wrong, but it would just be too easy for them to say thanks, but goodbye.
  7. Imperial Assault won't get another Worlds. This was going to be the last event for them, so hopefully FFG move it to Minnesota later in the year.
  8. After last night's announcement stating that all flights from mainland Europe are to be cancelled, I was wary that they might be cancelling the World Championships in 2 weeks time. Illinois is already supposed to be in emergency measures, with many local events having already been cancelled, and the Convention Centre has updated their statement to "we'll decide soon". Personally, I wish they would just postpone it anyway. I'm already having to cancel my airfare and book another flight, but I also have accommodation which needs to be considered. If you are planning to attend, be prepared for disappointment.
  9. Indeed, I was making reference to the fact that the World Championships will be the last officially supported tournament, and they have already said they have no plans for further physical product. You can interpret it as hopefully as you like, but their intention here is pretty clear. I waited for a reprint of Shattered Empire for Twilight Imperium 3 for 2 years, while all the time there was never any comment about it not being reprinted, then they finally announced TI4.
  10. Much as I love the game, I've just accepted that it is dead, and officially so by the end of March. My kit will sit on the shelf, and the tiles will probably get used for D&D sometimes, but otherwise, I'm not giving FFG any more money just for them to stop supporting it (which is their right to do - I'm not bitter about that).
  11. The 2 full length campaigns most frequently played are the Return To Hoth and the Jabba's Palace sets. Hoth gives the Rebel players a pair of Echo Base Troopers to use right from the start, whereas Jabba's Palace allows the players the use of mercenary faction units as heroes. You also get a Rancor in the set, so there is much more excitement with that than a little tank that can be killed in 2 hits. Be wary though, a lot of people suffered with bent / broken figures in their set due to the packing of the box.
  12. I used to include him with every list, until he failed to hit the door in Jabba's Palace when he was at range 4, with a re-roll....
  13. Just a reminder that if you had a Worlds invite, I believe you have until Friday to register it. I've managed to secure an Adepticon Swag Bag upgrade on my Convention ticket, so whatever happens, I'm flying home with something memorable. Just waiting for FFG to send me the link to actually buy my tournament ticket.
  14. Of course not. It's not a movie. It's a historical depiction of events that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
  15. Indeed. Sad news, but will be great to be part of history (although technically speaking, everything happening every minute is history, but you know what I'm trying to say).
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