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  1. I really like the brown / tan colour scheme you have going on with all the Alliance faction figures. I haven't painted enough to upload any pictures of the few figures I've done, but I went with bright orange with a dark wash for one set, and a bold blue-purple for the 2nd set. The 2nd set was a test, and I'm not really that happy with how they came out, but they have been moved to the "done" section of my minis.
  2. The thing that I have always thought about IA stock on shelves is that you rarely, as an IA player, impulse buy. With X-Wing, and possibly Legion & Armada, it is not uncommon to want / need multiple copies of the same expansion. With IA, the only figure expansion I could imagine anyone wanting to pick up more than 1 of is the Captain Terro pack, or the Bantha, if they want to run double Dewbacks or obviously double Bantha. Having said that, I now accept that the Jawa swarm is proving to be effective. To the vast majority of us, I would expect a single purchase or any item on the portfolio, and then you're done, not needing to consider another. This would result in the majority of stores sitting with stock on shelves unless it was ordered in specifically on demand. Perhaps the lack of repeat purchases is one of the reasons we don't see IA getting pushed.
  3. They haven't said it's over. They've said they're not working on it. With the amount of new stuff constantly being spammed out for X-Wing, Legion, Five Rings and even Keyforge, not forgetting the Marvel card game, they can only work on so many things. I haven't once heard any official statement and thought "goody, more stuff to buy", but equally all I am seeing is them working on other projects. It isn't "dead", or they wouldn't have bothered recently releasing the app challenge map. Why would they bother? They just aren't focused on it.
  4. HI, and congratulations on taking your first steps into a bigger world (or whatever the quote is!). Tyrants of Lothal is a mini-expansion, meaning that while you can run the missions given with it as a short campaign, it is very short, however there is nothing to stop you including the missions as potential side missions in your bog box campaign. You can also take the heroes and use them straight in the main campaign, but you might find Tress a bit difficult to understand with her tokens. CT is much more like Fenn, and would be easier for a beginner to use. As for who goes first, it is entirely up to the Rebels which order they activate. Once they have taken a turn their activation token flips over, and they can't activate again that round, unless you playing with 2 - 3 heroes, as at least one of you gets a 2nd activation token, which you shouldn't be using until everyone has had 1 turn.
  5. Having played through 3 campaigns with IA, I joined a Descent campaign. It feels so weighted in favour of the Overlord. If your Overlord wants to, he can simply knock one of you down, then corpse-stalk so as soon as you get the player back up, he heals a small amount of health, then the Overlord knocks him back down again. We had 2 missions where our Overlord took great delight in this. You want to bring more heroes? The Overlord gets more powerful, and gets more monsters. (In IA the few heroes you bring the more health they have.) Having the "miss" result on every attack just seems stupid. So glad that on IA it is on one of the defence dice instead. Basically, we have just reached the halfway stage, and it felt like there was no point in turning up because we were almost guaranteed to lose, simply because our Overlord had read through the rules and knew what monsters to bring, and how to constantly hit us with traps when we'd declare our heroic feat etc. causing it to fail as we were now stunned. We only carried on because we're at the halfway point and (having only won 1 mission previously) had just about managed to get enough gear between us that we felt that we could damage something without it fully healing up. In IA, the Imperial player might be the only person aware of the mission triggers, but the heroes always stand a chance, if they work together and don't forget most missions have a time limit.
  6. I agree that it is a bit relentless with the near constant barrage of new product for Legion, and sad that IA has been all but forgotten.
  7. Congratulations. It sounds like the tournament was really diverse with the lists. I wonder if David Gao would fancy his Cats vs the Jawa swarm...
  8. Stormtrooper vs Red Shirt Stormtrooper misses. Red Shirt still dies.
  9. Technically you return the card to the databank, however I'm pretty sure nobody would enforce that, because you are the only person who can attempt the job because you have the job card. But yes, you keep repeating step 1 until passed or you are defeated. On your next turn you will be forced to recover in phase 1, so you can then repeat the job attempt in your next encounter phase, possible picking something up in the market (crew) which could help you pass the test.
  10. This was actually also a key factor with the Jawa's Take Cover ability. It has the wording that says you may apply +1 block and -1 surge cancel to the defense results. For a while there was an argument that said that you could only apply the +1 block if you had a surge cancel to remove (in other words, if you couldn't pay for it, you couldn't take it). However this was clarified to say that you can apply the +1block regardless, and would only remove a surge cancel if you had 1 to cancel. The reasoning was that it did not say you can convert 1 to the other, so you only do as much as you can. A similar rule was brought into X-Wing, and people argued for months on it, before it was confirmed to use the same methodology.
  11. It is the latter. It does not state that you should gain twice the fame that you would otherwise gain. It allows you to gain 1 additional fame whenever you receive an amount of fame. Having played multiple FFG games, if they intended for a 2 fame reward to be received as 2 singles then they would word the cards in the manner of "receive 1 fame, then receive an additional 1 fame" or "Repeat this effect if you are not the most famous player". This does not double up with cards such as the cloak which considers you to have extra fame while in good standing with a number of factions, but does stack with other cards which grant additional fame when any fame is received.
  12. I made the Quarter Finals of a Regional in 2017 using eWooks, along with Jedi Luke and Rebel Sabs, R2-D2 and Gideon This was when the Bantha meta was strong. I used a single Wookie to solo a Bantha using Wild Attack with Wild Fury. Of course I knew that would leave him stunned and bleeding, so I used the other to run to Gideon who was holding New Orders. (I also had Rally in my hand, and Pummel). I think I put 14 damage in the first wave of attacks, then on the next activation for them I used Rally to clear up, then Pummel to put another 6 damage through for the kill. To say my opponent was stunned was a bit of an understatement. Over the past 12 months I have seen a strong argument for including Chewbacca and Drokkatta, but the combined cost leaves you out in too many other places. I've also seen Chewie go down to Jedi such as Ahsoka in a single activation, but the best use of Drokkatta I've seen was using the Heavy Fire skirmish upgrade which I had always ignored. Admittedly, you want to include Unshakeable and Trusted Ally on C-3PO, as well as including Rally, but it was decimating Riot Trooper squads, and of course, you can still drop debris even if you are stunned, since it is not an attack.
  13. This was done a few times in an effort to have R2-D2, C-3PO and BT-1 brought in by a Jawa, then have Gideon and Hera brought in through Temporary Alliance. You are allowed up to 3 droids from any faction, so you can take anything from 0 to 3 droids with the Jawa,
  14. She had the Chromium Paint Job which allowed anyone to attack her!
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