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  1. Definitely seems like there are growing pains within the first year of a game. I agree with you to a point of 40k, but 'right now' at least, the spam was centered around something like a Castellan, or expensive Eldar fliers. I think initially my friend wanted to do an iconic Vader, ATAT (or 2?), with some troops to position. That list doesn't even seem to make it, since it would be highly. I absolutely agree with you on some of the pitfalls of alternating activation, and the ability to go 2-3 times without repercussion is an absolutely massive advantage. Not being a game designer, I'm honestly unsure how to combat that. Perhaps limit activations to something like X+(Turn Number), etc. Enticing people to take some more elite units for their early on effects of the game. Just throwing out ideas on how to potentially counteract simply having loss of activations be such a major factor. I just played Armada for the first time, and it also seemed to have the same 'flaw'. Granted, we played an intro game with just a few ships. I would be really interested to see the Clones. Initially, when looking at things, I didn't realize how far off that core set was when I saw it was for pre-order... and I wanted to try the black roller ball droids, just because they look super cool 😃
  2. So am I wrong in saying that it seems most lists are spamming 'cheap' stuff? I see some caveats to that here and there... I was hoping to see some dramatically different lists! The winning list literally being a 6 Rebel, 3 Commando, Luke and Leia? With the 2nd place list being a replication, but putting in a Chewbacca. Keeping in mind, I have yet to actually play. I've only watched videos and such. But looking at these top lists are all based upon quantity over quality. I see a snippet of Palpatine and some royal guards, or a Boba Fett, etc. Purely knee-jerk reaction, is this game currently undervalued the more elite units (or overcosted) across the board? To be perfectly honest, seeing these lists is a huge turn off.
  3. Thanks @Ghost Dancer! Super cool of you to take the time to put that into the list creator. I was just working on that, and was wondering about all the gear etc. I ordered the 3 boxes as you recommended. Reading up on Vader units right now, as my friend wants to do an 'iconic Vader centric list', and I think most of us will probably swap out to different leaders/characters just to avoid playing the same things.
  4. Hello! I just wanted to give a brief background! We're a group of salty 40k guys, looking for a game to play during our downtime in 40k. We avidly play games 2-3 times a week and are generally highly competitive group. We play 40k, obviously, but also games like Gloomhaven, D&D, etc. While even in D&D, we still optimize our characters and usually play more of a dungeon crawl kind of league. That being said. A few of us have chosen to dive into Legion, as it is pretty cheap to get started! We ordered 1 core box per person, and will be pairing them up to split all the contents... so everyone is basically starting out with 2 core sets of their respective side. I am trying to find recommended unit types for roles they play on the battlefield. Build synergies, over/underpowered units, etc. I have been reading the forums, and if there are units that are just plain 'awful', I didn't' want to waste the time in buy/painting them if they'll never see the field after a few uses. What I've recommended to the group is that we find several competitive lists, and just choose one (or hybrid) that has models they like. From there, learn to play it properly, and expand. Unfortunately for me, the roller droid guys aren't seemingly going to be available for a few months, which is the army I had my eyes set on initially. Any help, guidance or resources would be a great start for us. We've done games before and they fizzled out because people kind of lost focus. I am trying to take on a champion role of Legion within the group to continue to generate excitement and be organized. We also have some 3D Printers and have started to find terrain to print up as well.
  5. Just came across this... looks like I'm too late?
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