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  1. So need some tips and advice on a big rig setup. I know it has for its systems: Internet connection/systems/data/plug-in Ice: I mean it’s Ice my question is how would I set up the flow chart for a big rig? What would you use for Ice and where? Any suggestions would be great as it’s kind of new for me.
  2. Those are all really good ideas. I’m def going to look into items for my character and look what you posted. We came up with in the meantime to spend advantages to have it last extra rounds without concentrating. Once the rounds were up, I’d have to concentrate on them.
  3. My question is if it is true you cast a spell and it lasts a single round? Costs you two strain. Then if you want to maintain it you have to concentrate and use your maneuver, however you spend another two strain if you exert yourself, taking two maneuvers. My GM has it if I have anything hit me, or attack me I have to do a discipline check or I lose my concentration. My main gripe is ... what is the point of a barrier? I mean I cast it for a round, someone hits me and it goes away because I fail my check of concentration. Then I spend next round recasting it... then I pass keeping it on and move forward to attack ... I just lost six strain, and poof i let it go as I’m about past my threshold. Is there anything that allows me to keep spells persisting? I’d love to have D&D mage armor, barrier in genesys, for even a whole encounter.
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