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    steveliv001 reacted to Aazlain in Some facts about bioroids and clones   
    The core book did a decent enough job of packing as much information as it could in its limited page count, but I think it is a little light on information about bioroids and clones, two playable archetypes. 
    I have gathered below some information on bioroids for GMs and players who intend to play androids or clones.
    For the purpose of this guide, I'm sticking to 'Canon' information only (Games, RPG, Novels) as opposed to player created content.
    Feel free to contribute below. I'll update this first post with your input. Whenever possible, please cite your sources (such as novel or book title, page, chapter, card name).

    ON ANDROIDS IN GENERAL (Bioroids and Clones)
    Androids and the Law 
    Because they are manufactured synthetically, androids are classified as property, not people, so any violence inflicted on them is mere vandalism, not assault or murder. While completely organic, clones are classified as machines and accordingly have no rights. Androids can be impounded without a warrant if suspected of criminal activity, or inaction could lead to further damage to people or property. An officer can also seize a bioroid that appears tampered with, modified, or illegally obtained.
    The Three Directives
    'All' bioroids are bound by the Three Directives*, rules which form the core of a bioroid's programming,  but in theory a bioroid could have any number of core directives. Even zero. The Directives are inspired by Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics".
    The First Directive forbids a bioroid from harming, or through inaction allowing harm to befall, a human being. The Second Directive requires a bioroid to complete its primary function above all other considerations, save the First Directive. The Third Directive requires a bioroid to preserve its ability to function and report frequently to Haas-Bioroid for repairs and updates. * If you play a bioroid, you need to decide whether they are still beholden to their directives.
    Regular Maintenance
    The Third Directive states that the bioroid must report to Haas-Bioroid for regular maintenance (weekly) when doing so would not violate the First or Second Directives. Often this is a simple visit to the nearest HB showroom, but in the case of the more sophisticated or prototype models, this can entail a journey up the Beanstalk to HB’s R&D facility on Luna.
    This maintenance might take the form of a simple shutdown and repair, tightening loose joints, replacing worn seals or synthskin, refitting errant wiring, and recharging internal batteries. The entire process can take less than an hour, thereby minimizing the unit’s downtime. Sometimes the process is more involved; replacing a damaged limb or overhauling a power source can take days to complete. Thankfully, due to a bioroid’s extreme durability, these occasions are rare.
    Weekly maintenance is important not only for the bioroid’s physical shell but for its quantum brain as well. Shutdown can help break any algorithmic recursions or other infinite loops that may be draining a bioroid’s processing power. [Worlds of Android - Page 40]
    Artificial Appearance
    Although many bioroid models possess a covering of synthetic skin, common features like silver eyes and cabling at joints mean no one would ever confuse a bioroid for an actual person. Many humans are discomfited by the semblance of humanity presented by synthskin bioroids, so Haas-Bioroid takes great pains to mitigate this so-called “uncanny valley” effect. 
    Aim for the chest!
    Some bioroid models have their brains located into their torso rather than their head for better protection. (Confirmed for Drake and Frank models)
    Bioroid compensation
    Bioroid units contracted to corps by Haas-Bioroid are given a weekly credit allowance from HB. Bioroids choose how to spend it. They spend their credits in places so they can socialize with humans and learn from those encounters.
    Falling off the grid
    Haas-Bioroid has a policy of destroying any unit that has fallen off their grid for any significant time. They don’t want to chance letting any kind of software corruption loose in their facilities.
    Most bioroids have a locator beacon installed that can be activated to track down “misplaced units”. [Night on the town adventure - Part 2 - On the Run]
    Known models and primary Functions
    Adam (Industrial Labor) Alix (Investors and financiers) Adonis and Eve (Pleasure) Ash (Office productivity)  Ben (Multipurpose executive assistant) Drake (Detective) Elsa (?) Florence (Nurse) Floyd (Detective) Frank (Heavy labor. Limited social interaction capabilities) James (Clerical unit) Janice Line (Corporate and office work) Brad (Finance) Sally (Overseer) Grey (Customer Service) Kevin and Lisa (Pleasure) Mc-Dreamy (Medical)  Rex (Search and Rescue) Seth (Barista) Steiger (Miner) Welby (Medical)  
    Clones have unique (albeit similar) fingerprints, so clones of the same line have fingerprints similar enough to be distinctive. Even a Henry who has never been fingerprinted will likely be identified as a Henry based on his fingerprints alone.
    Identifying a clone
    Clones are identified by a distinctive tattoo on the back of their necks coupled with a sub-dermal ID chip. Each code is unique to the individual, so law enforcement organizations use the tags to identify ownership.
    Housing your clone
    If your home is large enough to have a spare bedroom—even a small one—then this is often the best option. In cases were sufficient living space is not available, the best option is to house a clone at either a nearby clonetel or to ship it off to an austere but large clone barrack.
    Clones are sterile and can't reproduce. [Exodus - Chapter 5]
    End of Lifespan
    Clones who have exceeded their product lifespan are taken to a Jinteki recycling facility for 'recycling'. Damaged or defective clones can also be disposed in this fashion.
    Clone models and primary functions
    Desai (Teacher) Florence (Caretaker and personal nurse) Henry (Labor) Molloy (Restaurateur*) Nisei (?) Omoi (Security) Steven (Caretaker and personal nurse) Tenma (Pilot) * Proprietary to the Mother Molloy's Irish Pub chain.
    Below are some topics for which need more information or confirmation. Feel free to contribute.
    Clone and Bioroid Lifespans?
    Clones (and Bioroids?) are designed with a reduced lifespan, at the end of which, they are 'retired'. How long is this lifespan? Would a clone naturally cease to function at the end of that lifespan or does it need to be 'forcibly retired' by Jinteki?
    Bioroid naming convention.
    Bioroids have a name that starts with their model name, followed by a serial number (?) Are there any reference about this naming convention? Number of digits? Is it just random numbers and letters?
    Some examples: Alix 75H2LW, Ash 4L1KD5PS, Elsa 5K71R, Floyd 2X3A7C’s, Drake 3GI2RC, Frank 5DE7CE, James AK49I27, Welby 4AR9KA.
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    steveliv001 reacted to c__beck in Adversary Questions   
    Now that I have a bit of time to cross-reference, I can answer a few more.
    (Page 223, btw, not 233). Nope. The leather jacket is just Durable Clothing. Per page 93, "These typical, workaday outfits worn by the majority of New Ange- linos range from synthleather jackets and denim jeans to sturdy mechanics’ coveralls and military surplus jumpsuits." The Defense bonus is due to them being a leader and nothing to do with their gear.
    Probably should, yeah. Good question to ask FFG (check the FAQ thread pinned in the main Genesys board for a link).
    Yep, should be. Probably an older name for the talent.
    Umm…it still causes 2 strain to the target, which is something. I'm guessing it was originally made for a nemesis and given to the minion with the text identical to avoid confusion.
    Yeah, it should be. 
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    steveliv001 reacted to Archellus in Adversary Questions   
    hmm the GCRB p 133 does state that the Rival cannot recover from strain which i guess was kinda meant to prevent a rival from having strain recovery as healing.  
    But if i where to run a Reporter in Android i would prob use them as a social combat type encounter and would totally let them heal the strain as wounds if the pc's inflict strain on them in the social encounter ie just use their wounds as strain threshold in that case. The "in the know" and Leading questions kinda work nice together  
    But this is just a personal opinion prob not was is ment by RAW.  
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    steveliv001 reacted to GroggyGolem in Quick NPC Generator   
    All it takes is a little RNG 😀
    v1.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kx0j3zrkp8nztmy/Android - Quick NPC Generator.xlsx?dl=0
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