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  1. Personally I've been trying to wrap my head around the economics of how Droids & Clones could reach a point where they're cheap enough to so widely replace workers. Robots seems fairly obvious - but to continue to use an inefficient and complex body shape... I don't think the argument is so clear.
  2. Thanks both - I hadn't seen that passive talents weren't listed - which will probably explain most the gaps. If i use a reporter - I'll definitely run it as you've suggested Archellus
  3. Thanks - I'll run with your suggestion.
  4. Cool - I'd noticed Wound Thresholds were all over the place - and just assumed that was a balancing effect to maintain the right difficulty level.
  5. I think my confusion was driven by: 1) Some parts of Archetype can never be chosen until after career has been chosen (e.g. Natural picking 2 non career skills to receive their 1st rank) 2) RAW says 'begins play with' which suggests a more natural place is the Step 7 (when buying Gear), or even later (i.e. immediately prior to play starting) I guess the maximum XP Spend difference will come from a Cyborg taking Enhanced Reflexes (+1 Coordination, +1 Vigilance). Assume these are both Non-Career skills (and that we are sticking to max 2 skills ranks at end of character creation) then getting to 2 ranks in both these will cost either: a. Costs 30 XP if Enhanced Reflexes provided the 1st ranks (2 * (2*5+5)) b. Costs 20 XP if Enhanced Reflexes provides the 2nd ranks (2 * (1*5+5)) 10 XP might not seem huge - but given the benefit from some Characteristic increases are only felt at Character creation (e.g. wound/strain thresholds, and Soak) if feels like a reasonable difference. I'm probably being over sensitive to this... but I've never run a Genesys system before & will have some analytical people in the group who will spot this! (Programmers and Actuaries...)
  6. When do G-Mod and Cyborgs choose their Body Mods? Before or after spending Starting XP?
  7. 1. Sneaker Net Courier (p223) - Where do the 2 points of Ranged Defense come from? 2. Streetbanger Leader (p233) - Should leather Jacket with gang colors be (+1 defense, +1 soak)? 3. Field Anchor (p225) - Should Soak value be 3 (2 for Brawn +1 Light bulletproof vest)? 4. NAPD Patrol Officer (p229) - Where does 4th point of Soak come from? (Brawn 2, Reinforced Uniform +1) 5. Disenfrancisto Survivalist (p220) - Should Battlefield Medicine be Combat Medicine? 6. Reporter (p220) - How does 'heal 2 strain' from In The Know benefit a minion (which has no strain value)? 7. G-Modstrocity (p227) - Should Adversary 2 be list under Talents instead of Abilities?
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