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  1. The event will be at Firefly toys and games in Columbia South Carolina on August 10 It will be a 400 pt. Tournament with a $5 entry fee! Registration starts at 10am and play will start around 11am! https://www.facebook.com/events/342965596639073/?ti=icl
  2. I have heard about the dodonna’s pride with leading shot and engine tech and aim to put 4 hull somewhere. Just not sure how successful it is
  3. I always like xi7 over most things in that slot over the duel turbolaser turret.
  4. I know hammerhead is what I have seen mostly wondering if any good cr90 builds
  5. Just wondering what has worked for other people
  6. Sc midlands Star Wars armada Last tournament we had Augusta, Charlotte, Greenville and a car load for Atlanta. Can’t wait till see what this weekend will bring. The more I have organized tournaments the more respect I got for Jamie
  7. We have a tournament in Columbia sc this weekend. It’s not a far drive if you want to check us out. Also look at sc midlands Star Wars armada on FB
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