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  1. I just realised that instead of Liberty I could pick Home One with Ackbar. Considering that Liberty is similiar to VSD I'am thinking about Ackbar's ship because it offers diffrent playstyle. What do you guys think? I want those fleets to be slightly diffrent in playstyle, should I pick Home One instead of Liberty?
  2. Hello everyone! Me and couple of my friends decided to start our adventure with Star Wars: Armada. Currently we are thinking about creating balanced small kit for rebels and imperials. I've been thinking about this combination: Imperials- ship from starting set + raider corvette and gladiator destroyer Rebels- ships from starting set + liberty Our budget is around 130$ in Poland this set would cost us 106$ Is this a good combination? If you have any other proposals, I will gladly hear them Thanks in advance, Nomadu
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