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  1. Right? This deck and this post are now obsolete. Cool
  2. The first LA play you do have to use a phase shift on hysteria, which then means you can only strip 5 cards. What happens next turn is they play all their cards they can , which I kill after using Potion of invulnerability. I then Proceed to strip their hand assuming they have six cards or less. Only have to use hysteria on the first turn you use LA.
  3. I can’t get rid them of them, but I can use and exhaust them with Remote access if they are any kind of threat ( assuming I’m in LA phase of the game) what’s most crazy to me, is clearing the board, bringing in my whole deck to my hand, then killing any creatures they play, then proceding to discard every card in their hand with phase shift - mind barb. They literally can’t even play a card for the remainder of the game, which just seems crazy to me. That makes me want to see the rule of six down to three.
  4. Pulled this deck yesterday and have been messing around with it on the crucible. I havent lost a game with it, and it seems to be breaking the game somewhat. https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/dce5f49b-6dc5-4ca6-ae12-3ced314889aa . The combo takes a bit of set up, and has to happen early, but when it happens i can gain around 20-30 ember and have complete control of the board the rest of the game, which there really isnt after the combo drops. I start with using mobius scroll on either Library access, Hysteria, or Phase shift. Once i have all three of those cards ( sometimes ill get both Phase shifts) its all over in a big, big way. I can filter through my deck several times, keeping playing my logos creatures and a few others, then returning them to my hand with hysteria, all while piling up multiple LA stacks. Any creature they play next turn i can stun with Blinding Light or just return again with hysteria. Only weakness is i have basically 0 way to steal ember, so if they manage to get to the 2nd key before i drop the combo they might be able to forge their third. Hasn't happened yet though. Just thought i would share this deck as i have not heard much about library access used with hysteria to this extent. Curious what people think about it. Cheers
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