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    This looks really promising! I'm still kinda figuring out the system, but it looks like a solid base. If I ever run a game I'll let you know if I add anything and how it works ^^ thank you for going through the trouble of doing this!
  2. I see your rationale with your existing setup, and with those explanations I think I would agree with you. I hope to play a Jedi (or possibly even Sith) Krevaaki one of these days, and I have the character design in my head as one who is good at combat but focuses more on the Force and its study and mysteries. So maybe some sort of combination between Consular Niman Disciple/Arbiter/Sage. Perhaps a dash of some Mystic Prophet in there too for, well, mysticism lol
  3. I'm afraid there's an inconsistency there. Your Kervaaki stats are listed as Willpower 3, Agility 1. Is that a misprint? To my knowledge Krevaaki only have impaired manipulation of their lower tentacles as they grow older. Also, why did you choose to give a rank in Resilience rather than Enduring or Toughened or something of the sort? I understand it may make it more balanced, but it seems that the natural armor should have a more concrete effect. I of course realize the extensive debate in this thread is over that very topic, but I would like to hear your reasoning for Resilience 1 over the other suggestions here.
  4. Just as a personal note, reviving this, is a note from the old Star Wars D20 system. There, in the expanded species book they have, Krevaaki get a bonus to deception checks because of a "chitinous face" which comes from their exoskeleton facial structure. Any considerations to such an addition to the species stat block?
  5. That sounds wonderful! At the moment someone has messaged me about another game, but I would be open to doing both. Who do I need to get into contact with about this game?
  6. Daeglan, yes I am open to Discord and Roll20, but I would prefer Discord between the two. My computer/laptop isn't the greatest thing in the world and it handles running Discord a bit better. To everyone, thank you so much to each of you! I'll be looking into each of these resources.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm rather new to the forums and the game, but I've delved as deep into it over the last couple months as I can, even to the point of now setting up a basic game for some friends of mine to play. But, like any roleplay fanatic, I want to play! But alas, I have had no luck whatsoever finding a game of Force and Destiny that I can play in. There's a discord server I came across, but none of the groups running F&D are open or they never responded to me. I absolutely love strong narrative stories and often meld deep into my characters, and it's rare to find a group of any tabletop roleplay game that do so in a serious yet fun manner in my area (and even less that have other people who would be interested in being a GM). Even if it's for a short time, I'd love to play a game where I can explore this system from the player side, not only so I can have fun but that I may better understand it and have people I can ask questions to for guidance as I prepare the campaign for my friends. So please, if you have a group with an open slot or you're a GM looking for someone who is gun-ho to role with a solo game with deep narrative character building and intimate story, for love of Ashla let me know! I'm pretty open on my schedule, provided I can't seem to find a job, and I am more than willing to try and adjust any scheduling issues that may arise. May the Force be with you.
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