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  1. No, I did not expect it to be so. Lord Asano himself had no children, and his "heir" was his adopted younger brother. I expect Ozaki to fulfill a role similar to Ōishi Kuranosuke Yoshio, attempting to avenge his father and his clan by living as Ronin longer than he had planned before making his move much like Oishi did.
  2. Perhaps cliché, but I can totally see that turning into something similar to Asano Naganori situation which lead to the more famous Ako Incident.
  3. For the Unicorn, the natural choice for Minor clan is the Fox, the descendants of the Kir-Rin Clan that did NOT leave the Empire with the Kami Shinjo. And that may be the answer to your question about "nature" or druid/shaman aspect.
  4. Perfect! I love these unusual and unorthodox solutions to problems. I still think it would be interesting to build a curtain wall between Shiro Hiruma and the Main Wall, but that your team was able to at least reclaim the castle and provide the Nesumi with a home is quite a feat on its own.
  5. With the most epic weekend in gaming having been canceled due to the Wuhan Virus, some of us will not be able to enjoy the planned events such as the group scenario that has occurred on previous conventions. I really enjoyed both "Wedding at Kyotei" as well as "The Highwayman". I suspect that there was an adventure that was in the works but was put on hold. Might I suggest that said adventure be finished and then distributed to either gaming stores or to players at home to host the event? Since Rokugan is a living campaign, why not have players run the event and report back their results? I'm thinking something along the lines of the yearly RPG day.
  6. To quote the Vorlon in Babylon 5, "The question points to itself". Might have been Kosh that said that.
  7. The Asahina are strict pacifists. Daidoji who have the talent to speak to the kami and otherwise do not fit in with the Asahina might make sense. And the Crab DO respect the Daidoji.
  8. Ah, now that makes sense. Have their students study and learn, then transcribe their own copies before returning home. Somehow I don't think the Asahina would be quite open to sending their students to study with the Kuni. Going to learn from the Kaiu artistry school might be a more attractive option for them. But of course, that is for the clan representatives to hash out.
  9. I am a little confused on the exchange of favors. The Isawa want copies of scrolls in the Asshina's possession. So they send their own students to study with the Asahina? Would it not make more sense for the Isawa to offer some slots in their school to the Asahina? And the Crab want Crane help with flooding so they send Kuni students to the Asahina? Or is it that the Crane want Crab help with flooding in Crane lands bordering the Crab and so the Crab are asking for slots in the Asahina schools as compensation for the help? Sorry if I am a little confused on how that exchange of favors works. As for the Shoruro actor with an apprentice Geisha in his employ, interesting conundrum. I take it he is going to drag her with him to Hirosaka? If he is going to freelance some performaces, she MIGHT be of use to him. Beyond that, I have no idea how the PCs are going to deal with that situation.
  10. Slated for August, but I hope that they surprise us and get it out sooner than that.
  11. Yeah, that is a MAJOR shoe dropping. Like Khrushchev banging his loafer on the podium level. ****. How much do they share from their discoveries way back in the second adventure?
  12. Much appreciated on sharing this. Do you have the links to the materials you use for Chinese, Korean. Malay, Thai, Mongolian, Cambodian, and other cultures? Separated by ethnic group, I still think there is value to reading them when preparing for an L5R game.
  13. Having an errata wherein it removes some fatigue would be a nice bonus.
  14. True. A Bushi or Courtier school will not usually have access to Invocations. So I stand corrected. So, yes technique acquisition maybe limited by type, but the options are only limited by one's imagination (or lack thereof).
  15. As pointed out above, there is nothing preventing a character from picking up skills and techniques out of their school curriculum. However, the school rank advancement will be much slower. The only major difference between the schools that is exclusive is the school rank dependent ability and the rank 6 ability.
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