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  1. I though about it and I found that it is very limited what can be done. The main thing is doom like element and how it grows.
  2. I would like the mytho cup pacing slowed down. Give more time for the horror theme to work and time for the player to prep (which added to the game being replayable) The mytho cup out paces the player so fast which makes winning more like a roll and move rng win than a win by anything we did.
  3. That is funny because I find the investigator are weaker in this game compared to the others.
  4. I would like a replacement to the mytho cup or new system that make combat useful outside of the mandatory kills.
  5. I had to 3d printed my own. I have folded cardstock to make my own. If I had to. I can make some foam core to make it.
  6. I thinking in the terms of seven investigator action phases or 14 investigator actions because that is one cycle of the typical mytho bag. The only different in the number of investigators is the pattern of investigator actions and mythos. One cycle of a typical bag will place 8 problems to the board. two of which will require movements to handle. Investigators have only two actions that counter the mythos. To go along with this often movement is needed. It does not help that clue is also location base as well. Even worse I find there is no real room to ignore the problems from the mytho bag.
  7. I find the pace is too much. IT so fast that at time it feels like that you ate the whims of RNG like a roll and move game. I find after 7 investigators action phase that the mytho has out pace the players so much.
  8. Who else feel too much is happens during the mytho phase? Be it too much down time or too many events happen during it. I feel that too much happens during the mytho phase. I think two tokens for each players is a bit much. It adds more step for the down time and the allow for overwhelming the player too fast.
  9. I think the problem with being overwhelmed by monsters comes from a pacing problem with the game. I thinking too much can happen in one turn with the mytho cup. I wonder if we can do something other than draw two mythos tokens for each player. I will try that out and get back with you.
  10. What can be done to work with this? Pay to attack a different monster using the same rules as the movements? What about a two way limit? if there a limit on the number attack one character can make then what about a limit on the number of monster that can engage a player.
  11. They are sought after. I rush for them. I also made some dice.
  12. Nice. I just got a Blessed and Cursed Dice set in. I am just printing the other type. Before I notice them I was thinking of printing something something else.
  13. There a different in scope. For me EH is about deal with the huge conspiracies. I would love for EH to have it where each player is a team of investigator. While AH is more like what happen in each city of EH. The Location encounters.
  14. With the way this game is mad then it can easily be expanded or even do stand alone expansions. An example is they could make an expansion that takes place like Miskatonic University. You can play it with what you get in the box. They also have a scenario that uses the base box as well. You can place the tiles in the rough shape of a boat and have a sea base scenario.
  15. I think I will be doing my ideal anyways. I think it would be easier to move tokens around the board than those cards.
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