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  1. Thanks! Great info Silidus and Great map KelYco!
  2. I like the idea of running a 5e campaign in Terrinoth. Thanks for sharing your campaign and work. Definitely will be borrowing from your work for my next D&D campaign. However, I am new to Genesys RPG and working on converting D&D 5e campaigns to the Genesys system. Have you done any of that type of work?
  3. CONVERTING D&D STATS/MODULES TO GENESYS RPG SYSTEM I am starting this topic because there are not a lot of adventure modules available for the Genesys RPG system at this time. However, there are a great deal of D&D 5e modules and resources available. I hope this at least starts a conversion process that will help many of us D&D DMs that are used to that particular system to be able to quickly convert what we already have in our possession to the Genesys RPG system until more Genesys RPG modules are made available. For example, in preparing to run a 4 week short campaign GM rotation stint of Genesys this summer at a local game shop, I decided to convert a series of one shot D&D modules I like into the Genesys RPG way of gaming. The below image is what I have figured out so far that seems to work. I know it is not perfect because D&D, for example, has many more ranges for Ability Scores which provide different negatives or bonuses to your base score for checks and such. So, I had to condense them and equate certain ones that I felt would match the best with Genesys's RPG system. Also, D&D's Difficulty Checks (DC) chart has base scores of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30. Rarely does a module use those base scores. Usually they are 9, 11, 12, 16, & etc, numbers that fall in between them. So, I added the ranges under the D&D column for ease of reference. Remember, some people will be more perfect at the conversion process than others. The point is not necessarily 100% perfection with each resource provided, but providing somewhat valid conversion ideas/suggestions and resources whereby we can pick and choose what we like and feel will work for us as we convert modules and resources over to the Genesys RPG way. I hope this helps some of you create a world of adventure for your players whether it be set in fantasy, modern day, the future, or on a planet in a galaxy that is more than a hop-skip-and-a-jump with warp drive. Now, it's time for me to warp drive my butt to bed and into the realm of the Sandman!
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