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  1. Understood. I fired off my first round of ordering to start building the connection. Luckily, the first six Adventure Packs are easily found. That'll give me some time to find the next group. Worst case scenario, I'll scour the Gen Con Exhibit Halls later this year. Smitty
  2. Good Morning, Thank you for creating this. I really feel this will help with finding some of the harder-to-find items. Smitty
  3. I keep my gaming collections, even after I stop playing the games. I have my collections from old miniatures (Mage Knight, Mechwarrior, etc...) and CCG (MTG, World of Warcraft). They become display pieces for my basement where I game. I suspect I'll do the same with this game, as I love the lore behind the series. Understood. I'll just start collecting Deluxe Expansions and their Adventure Packs. When I find all of the Adventure Packs for a Deluxe, I'll start on that storyline. It sounds like completing the Deluxe Expansions out of order isn't a big deal, but you need to have every Adventure Pack (and play them in order) to benefit most from the game. Thank you, everyone, for the assistance. I am really looking forward to building my collection, and starting the process of completing the various Cycles. Smitty
  4. Good Afternoon, It does, and thank you for the reply. I checked online, like aliprandifabio suggested, and found all of the Dwarrowdelf Adventure Packs. It is just that, at a glance, it would cost around $172 for the six packs. Some of them are virtually the same cost as MSRP, but most are marked up due to supply/demand. I guess I'll start collecting them through FFG and Amazon, and just skip between Deluxe Expansions based, primarily, on which ones I have the Adventure Packs for. One last question: I know it may not fit the lore particularly well, but is it possible for me to play the Adventures out of Order, if I happen to struggle to find one or two in the group? Thanks again for the assistance. Smitty
  5. Thank you for the reply. Should I stock up on the Deluxe expansions, and not start them until I have the adventure packs? Did you end up waiting until you had the entire collection of a cycle before you started the Deluxe? I really love the lore that will go into the Khazad-Dum Deluxe Expansion, but I don't think I'll have much luck getting to the Dwarrowdelf Packs quickly. It'll probably be that I finish the Deluxe, and then move on and wait for FFG to reprint. Smitty
  6. Good Evening, I just recently started playing the Lord of the Rings LCG. I love the Core Set, and I am hoping to branch out. Looking through FFG's site, its obvious that quite a bit of the older content is 'Out of Stock'. There are sporadic Sagas and Deluxe Expansions that are available. I have seen people on forums suggest that following the series in order is not practical, or necessary, given stock, but I was wondering how much it hurts to either (A) just grab a Saga and run with it or (B) purchase a Deluxe Expansion, knowing you will only get a few, if any, Adventure Packs? If I grab the Kazad-dum Deluxe Expansion, but can't get any of the Adventure Packs, will that hurt my playing experience? Can you grab some, but not all, of an Expansion's Adventure Packs without it significantly detracting from the game? Thanks for helping out a new player to the LCG-type of games. Smitty
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