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  1. The ribs make it look like it came from a cheap 3-D printer.
  2. Burn does base weapon damage for the number of rounds specified by Burn.
  3. I always saw that as them having so much training and focus on defending lethal blows by sensing them through the Force that they've developed a blind spot towards such 'low-power' attacks.
  4. Disabled for purposes of a race doesn't necessarily mean that it's disabled for the purpose of being able to fly and survive. Think Wedge in the Trench Run - "I'm hit, I can't stay with you." His X-Wing wasn't destroyed, and was still spaceworthy, but couldn't maintain the speed necessary. The same could be applied to a speeder in the race. But yeah, I'm not a fan of the gunner in the race. When my group ran it, I was the gunner, but if I recall correctly, our pilot was good enough that there wasn't much in front of us to shoot at. *shrug*
  5. FFG's Star Wars RPG has 'green dice' - they're just rolled by the attacker. 😉
  6. Mine would be pretty simple: Reduce the 4-die primary attacks on the VCX-100 and Upsilon Shuttle to 3, and rebalance costs as appropriate. I think that such firepower with no requirements other than 'I have a shot' doesn't have a place in 2.0, and I am disappointed that they left it in. True, the YT-2400 also has a 4-die primary, but it only gets three dice at R1 as opposed to the five of the other two - and that 'firepower with a blind spot' is a defining feature of the ship. Now that they are in different factions, the Upsilon doesn't need as much to differentiate it from the Lambda. As for the Ghost, there is no reason why its twin medium laser cannon deserves a four-die primary when most other ships with similar or greater firepower get 3 attack dice (and sometimes even two - the Y-Wing and the VCX-100 both have twin medium laser cannons as their forward-firing armament). Furthermore, the VCX-100 has other features that make it different compared to the Rebel's other options - the ability to dock and launch a ship, the reinforce action, and the ability to equip a sensor and/or a turret.
  7. Even though teleportation and time travel (barely) appear in Legends, they are likely rare enough that almost all of the galaxy's inhabitants would consider them to be science fiction. On a similar note, any of the Imperial black projects would likely be fair game (starfighter-size cloaking, or a portable version of most of their superweapons) because only a handful of people would know of their existence - "No ship that small has a cloaking device!" Enhanced super-soldiers (Space Marines, Halo's Spartans, and the like) aren't really seen in Star Wars; the Genesis Device from The Wrath of Khan and flash-learning like in The Matrix are options, as is pretty much any sci-fi weapon that isn't a blaster or missile.
  8. I think Anakin and Han are good examples of where it is justified - for Ani, it's the difference between a child, a Jedi Knight, and a Sith Lord; for Han, it's an arrogant young adult, an arrogant adult with a cause, and an older "been there, done that" father. In both cases, there are years and character growth between the different versions, so different abilities make sense. However, take someone like Soontir Fel - there isn't much time between when he flew for the Empire and when he defected, and I highly doubt his overall style is different between the 181st and the Rogues (except for craft differences), so I wouldn't necessarily give a hypothetical Rebel Fel a different ability.
  9. I think Starship Adversary is there to say 'if you fought them face-to-face, he'd be no tougher than a regular NPC, but when in command of a starship, he's more dangerous.' - in other words, a more restrictive version of Adversary that only applies to starship command. For example, Admiral Piett has Starship Adversary 1; Grand Admiral Thrawn has Adversary 2. In person, Thrawn is more difficult to face, but it doesn't make sense that a Star Destroyer commanded by Piett would be more worthy of the difficulty upgrade than one commanded by Thrawn. I, personally, would go with 'it depends on who it is and the situation'. I know it's not a by-the-book interpretation of the rules, so it would depend on the nature of the GM and group. For example: Vader is scary. Vader in a TIE deserves the Adversary upgrade over a regular TIE of the same type. Vader aboard a Star Destroyer? You bet that the bridge crew (at the very least) knows that Vader's on that ship, and will push their crew and ship to earn that Adversary rating. However, someone like Chewbacca, although worthy of Adversary in-person, likely wouldn't have any impact on the operations of a cruiser that he was aboard.
  10. So, let's say we limited a list to 33 health, or even 33 hull (not counting shields)... ...what happens when ships get overkilled? We've all seen that ship with one hull left take two or three (or more) cards in the process of dying. ...what about regen? Do we start to ban that because it breaks the 33 damage threshold? And I'm sure we'd have to ban Tel Trevura and Maarek Stele, as their abilities mess with the damage deck...
  11. One of my old groups used a Lancer-class Pursuit Craft - fast, decent weapons, could carry our whole party (plus two if needed), and it isn't super obscure.
  12. Additionally, their abilities stick around for a bit: Which means that, for example, you could have the following scenario: - Ship A shoots at Biggs (or someone with a similar ability, e.g. Selfless), destroying Biggs. - Ship B shoots someone else at the same Initiative as Ship A; Biggs, still with an active ability because he hasn't been removed yet, can absorb fire (assuming that the other conditions of his ability are met).
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