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  1. No. If it were something like "no more than 2 upgrades per ship (excluding Configurations and Titles)" or "may not fill more than half of a ship's upgrade slots (again, excluding Configurations/Titles)", then I'd be willing to give it a try.
  2. Since there aren't really rules for it, I'd probably come up with some of my own. As a GM, or as a player wanting to do this, here is what I'd propose: I'd probably go with the credit, hardpoint, and time/effort costs of the CRB hangar bay attachment, to make it simple - the work requires less physical space than the hangar, but you're making custom docking clamps for those ships rather than a generic hangar bay. Same costs for ease, but different result. Additionally, because the C-ROC stores quite a bit of its cargo externally where you're intending on putting the shuttles, and because it's a custom job, I would cut the encumbrance capacity by half (putting it slightly below the standard Gozanti Carrier's encumbrance capacity). Sheathipedes and Vultures are both pretty tiny, and the 'wings' are designed to carry cargo, so I wouldn't worry too much about having to reinforce the structure outside of the work required to install the clamps (but it could be an added cost if there GM needed to take more of the PC's credits away from them). As a GM, I would also require that this work be done at a small shipyard if the players didn't want it to take forever or want to have to worry about problems with the docking mechanisms - it's not the sort of thing that just anyone could just slap together.
  3. Um, what? She was Anakin's apprentice in the only thing that Disney kept as part of their canon. That's pretty connected in my book.
  4. One of the things that made The Mandalorian great, at least to me, was that it didn't have cameos or appearances by existing characters. It existed in Star Wars, but was its own story with new faces who weren't directly connected to the main saga we all know and love. So much for that.
  5. If a store cannot or will not allow enough time to play the number of rounds mandated by the rules FFG has set out for Store Championships, then they should not run one.
  6. The last time I remember seeing Death Watch on-screen, they were blasting apart Super Battle Droids and saving a young Din Djarin. I highly doubt they'd be CIS after that.
  7. Since we're talking about scale, keep in mind that the reported scale of something in Star Wars isn't always accurate. One example of this is the A-Wing - comparing the pilot and cockpit size to the rest of the fighter indicates a length of approximately 4.8m, but the officially reported length has long been 9.6m. At 9.6m, the A-Wing's cockpit would be very roomy, which is obviously not the case in Return of the Jedi. Don't trust the numbers from Disney or Lucasfilm, and go with what looks right to you.
  8. Were it me, I would restrict the 'Alpha Strike' firing to targets of 2 or more Sil greater than the attacker - it's the sort of thing used against capital ships and other big targets, not "I really wanna kill this fighter/shuttle dead". I would apply said restriction in addition to ship-based restrictions, which would only allow the B-Wing and similar low-crew, heavy-firepower ships (Skipray, TIE Defender, etc.).
  9. Did the players acquire a fully-functional cloaking device without any flaws? If I recall, true cloaking devices in Star Wars are only detectable through the Force and a very rare and expensive sensor called a Crystal Gravfield Trap (so rare that quality Force users are easier to come by, even at the height of the Empire - the New Republic didn't have a CGT during Thrawn's era, and the Empire only had a handful, hence the New Republic attack on Bilbringi)...but there's nothing saying that the one the players picked up is a perfect example.
  10. Why? I mean, I understand why, but why? That...thing is hideous, and I've hated it since Empire at War.
  11. Doesn't that just make him Imperial Teroch with fewer steps?
  12. What if he was I4 and his ability cost was a stress at the start of Engagement? That way he could retain his mod slot and not become unkillable Stealth+Force+Evade, and the user would have to choose between it and Autothrusters?
  13. Is there any ship that combines 3Agi + White Evade + Force + Mod Slot? The Stealth 3+1 with Force/Focus + Evade seems like something they've been deliberately avoiding in 2.0. Which does make me a little sad, as Stealth Device was my go-to on Interceptors and x7 Defenders in 1.0 (but I absolutely understand why they did it).
  14. I loved Carnor. In fact, I liked him better than 1.0 'all of the tokens' Fel. One of my favorite lists to this day was also probably my most thematic: Captain Kagi w/Palpatine, Carnor Jax, and a Royal Guard Interceptor. The escorts would fly up, and Kagi would hang back just enough to not be a target, but close enough to force people to TL him when they wanted to shoot Carnor. Not the most firepower, but it felt like it was manipulating the battlefield and clouding the minds of the opposing pilots. It felt like I didn't just have Palpatine in the list, but that everything in the game transpired according to his design. I loved it, and I miss that feeling of thematically effective lists.
  15. Not to mention the existence of Ion, Tractor, and Jam as game mechanics...
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