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  1. I appreciate all the input! Thank you all!
  2. This was exactly what I was wondering about. I feel like the yellow die are actually hurting me lol As for the melee vs light ranged, yeah. I was trying to go for a more "non lethal" build but what I might have done is make an "ineffective" build. And I am a Togruta so my brawn of 2 was after already paying for a +1
  3. And...just realized it auto logged me in under my brother's account. Sigh. Thanks from the real me this time!
  4. Greetings! I'm super new with this game (bought the books but haven't run any games yet) and I made a character to play around with so I could learn the systems. I read that a PC should be able to handle multiple minions at once (I'm sure your class and skills affect that) but when I pitted my character against a single minion Street Tough, it was a bit of a slog. My character had a brawn of 2 and a melee skill of 2. So, if I'm understanding correctly, my dice pool would be 2 proficiency dice and 2 difficulty dice, correct? Almost ever single time I rolled, I would get zero successes or failures and a few advantage and threats. From that, I took it to mean that I would miss but either give myself an advantage next round or suffer some threat from whiffing so bad. However, my main concern was that I hardly ever rolled successes even though I understood the proficiency die to be upgraded ability dice. When I did manage to succeed it was usually with 1 success. So, using a truncheon, (I felt my Jedi to be would not want to carry lethal weapons and would look to subdue enemies) I would barely do 1 damage after bonuses and soak. So, for my 1 PC to take down a single street tough, it would take maybe 8 or 9 rounds. All the while, I was suffering mass amounts of strain. I decided to see what would happen if I used a virbo knife and things went a bit better. So I then tried my hand against a rival guilded bounty hunter. I missed the first round and the bounty hunter shot me in the face with a disrupter on his turn, pretty much annihilating me. My question is this: does all that sound right? Am I messing up the rules or is that a single PC shouldn't be able to just obliterate a single minion mob? Am I expecting results from my dice and PC that I shouldn't be? Thanks for any advice, corrections, or any help you can provide!
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