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  1. When I am playing an IACP three amigos list i love to take him with targeting computer.
  2. I used to love the ord mantell missions. My person favorite was actually the one where the laser is slowly making the playing field shrink. That map was basically made for melee units. P.S. Skirmish isn't dead yet
  3. This is just cherry-picking the worst possible attack outcome and using it to make his attack look worse then it is. If you look at Gaarkhan's actual expected attack results, they match up pretty closely with, say, an elite Gammorean Guard. That's not un-salvageably awful, that's just fine. Every figure in the game can totally wiff an attack roll, it's just how the dice system in IA works. You can't count that as a weakness. A Gammorean Guard has a re roll unlike the old Gaarkhan which makes his attack roll more likely to hit. also the Gammoreans have reach and a more balanced attack pool. This makes them have a more balanced attack roll regardless, and then they have a cleave 2 with reach is better damage output than Gaarkhan could do. the only difference is that Gaarkhan get +2 health and a block against melee attacks as well as ranged attacks.
  4. I like your idea, but I think maybe they should fix all of the figures that don't work then maybe make completely new deployment cards for them.
  5. My friends and I played a skirmish game with the IACP rules and we couldn't figure out how the new stormtrooper rule works with reinforcements. if I reinforce the first figure in my group, is the next kill now worth 1 VP or 3 VP?
  6. Thanks, I didn't know if the one hunter card per attack rule was being used because it was mentioned earlier.
  7. So I am going to start testing some of the IACP products with my group, however we are a little confused on what rules the IACP has changed for the game. If someone could clear this up for me that would be great.
  8. This was my original fix for Bossk. I don't know if it quite fixes him or if he should keep his white die.
  9. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Why not have a trandoshan and other species traits. I have tried making other traits for figures in the past. Maybe it is time to start that up again?
  10. Are you saying that they need to be able to do more damage or that they should do less?
  11. Would something like this maybe help them? This would help with getting them close to their targets and help them live a little longer. Maybe it should be trandoshan hunters only?
  12. Wave 8 and onward has had a tremendous power spike (especially Spectre Cell). However, there are still some good units that came out in waves 2 through 5 such as the Bantha rider and hired guns. If you are trying to get all three factions playable in a skirmish format, I would recommend starting with waves 8, the Jawa pack, and 10. Wave 8 makes mercenaries more a thing, then wave 10 gives us fixes for Han, Chewy, and Vader, then the Jawa pack gives iggy a fix (wave 9).
  13. I have to agree. I once had to make a focused R2 attack to win the game.
  14. I have to agree with you. it seems to me that they might both need some sort of a movement buff to get them into the needed range for their attacks. maybe give them nimble and something like IG's two movement points at the start of a turn?
  15. Does anybody have any ideas on fixes for Bossk or the Trandos?
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