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  1. At risk of sounding too cynical, it could just be the marketing team driving engagement metrics.
  2. I learned early on that Descent has an interesting meta game which is purely psychological. As Overlord, I don't play to win - I play for the heroes to win, or for the heroes to lose. This means my actions always are reflective of the psychological state of the hero players, laying on the pain when they can tolerate it, and backing off when they need a breather. Frankly, this approach means I lose as an Overlord slightly more often than I win, and I think that is best. To the point of this thread, hero players often enjoy having relatively crappy cards, abilities, and monsters thrown at them, and hilarity ensues when less than ideal pairing are made. Like, for instance, when Dash is played on a master zombie, allowing it to grab a stealthy Tomble Burrowell. Overlords that play for the thrill of the game understand this, and that these cards have purpose. Now, time to deploy Plague Release...
  3. This viewer is super helpful, especially in lengthy posts discussing card interactions. Makes following along and contributing much easier. Thank you for all the time and effort you invested in this project! varusSMK
  4. I'm probably being too cranky about things, but this expansion was 2+ years in the making, and hence, there was a ton of pent up anticipation around it. Regardless of what industry you're in or what product you're making, you have to bring your A-game in these situations. In addition to having plenty of time to design, @rugal pointed out that FFG had a ton of fan content to inspire creation. The editing process could have been well supported, as there are members of the community who know this game better than the creators do at this point. It is a missed opportunity to not extend a short term contract to these folks and build a flawless expansion. Just today we are reminded of how sophisticated some of the community members like @Sadgit are with the release of Sands of the Past. Alright - I've descended into giving unsolicited business advice. Definitely time for me to shut up now. varusSMK
  5. @Lightningclaw That wording on Unholy Bond is very disappointing. I expect to house-rule cards when playing variants and non-publisher material, but I shouldn't need to house-rule a publisher card when playing the standard game. This expansion is increasingly appearing very unprofessional, to the extent that they should make all the necessary erratas, fix the inconsistent wordings, and begin mailing out replacement cards for the ones that somehow slipped through the vetting process. To be frank, a game this mature shouldn't have these kinds of issues. I already ordered my copy, but there are half a dozen cards I don't even want to play with at this point.
  6. Nothing stopping FFG from requesting a limited use license from the IP owner (they are experts at that, after all) or paying them for the IP rights. In this case, the latter is the more sound business practice (IMO). The cost of 1 employee's labor plus an intern for approximately 12 weeks last summer likely fell somewhere around $30,000 wage + fringe, so there is your operating budget. Note: I have no idea what FFG pays its employees or how long it took them to create Lost Legends. I'm just guessing based on the OP's information and other info FFG has released on Lost Legends.
  7. FWIW - I agree with the OP. FFG will need to errata either or both of these. @Inspector Jee's examples are spot on and precisely what I was thinking when I read it.
  8. Two new skirmish missions have been added to Descent Skirmish. A complete list of updates can be viewed in the news section of the website. I continue to make updates and additions to the site, to keep the feedback coming. If you have played a skirmish game feel free to share your story or send me a note about it! It will be helpful to know that everything is living up to Imperial Assault expectations (or not). - varusSMK
  9. Hi Ssorgatem, Correct, there are only 4 missions currently, and all are playable with the D2e Base Game. There is a mission guide located on the rules page that lists them all in one place. Spoiler - some new missions will be released next weekend. Stay tuned! varusSMK
  10. @any2cards I did add file sizes alongside the downloads, so hopefully that helps to tip folks off to the file size. Also, you have once again discovered a missing assignment on my part. I had meant to go back and update the banned timestamp, but ultimately overlooked it. Consider it added to the next update. It looks like that will be in two weeks when I provide a couple more missions. I'm also working with a videographer friend to record some live play sessions. We've been reviewing some of the better live play videos of Imperial Assault on Youtube. We're pretty sure we can pull something off at decent quality. Exciting stuff! 😎
  11. Update Release v1.1.0 Special thanks to @any2cards for his hard work developing an excel spreadsheet containing all the factions, their units, and associated deployment costs. This will allow everyone the ability to build their forces offline. As any2cards pointed out, this is an important contribution to posterity, so if for any reason the website becomes unavailable, people will still have the meat and potatoes needed to skirmish. The spreadsheet is available via the rules page on d2eskirmish.com. Follow this link for a detailed listing of all the bug fixes and improvements in v1.1.0. - varusSMK
  12. Hi @any2cards, Thank you for all of this. I have been adding your suggestions to the change log for this weekend, and I have received your DM. Right now Sunday is looking like the day for updates and release. As soon as the patches are made and the misspellings corrected, I will announce the update in this thread. Thank you again for investing the time! - varusSMK
  13. Thanks for all the feedback @any2cards! That is an oversight. Phoenix Pendant should cost 1. It is effectively an Orkell the Swift item, having no other meaningful purpose in this format (so far as I can see. I will update this this weekend.) Correct. There are no Act II items, monsters, or agents available. That said, I can make them all available with the flip of a switch, but I am concerned about getting initial balances right first. Ramping things up will necessitate re-balancing. Yes, it is part of the banned list. If you search it using the card search tool, you will see it listed as banned with the rationale. All banned, as listed in the card search tool. That is a bug. Should be cost 0. My initial inspection is not revealing a cause. I will patch it up in this weekend's update. Yes, there are more plot cards banned than any other. Many plot cards simply do not translate well to a skirmish format, so I struck them out to avoid confusion. However, you can search them up in the card search tool and peek at them. These questions are suggesting the need for a published banned list. That will make it easier for people to take a quick look at what is banned. I am adding this to my TODO list and will consider where to publish it. Options are 1) the guidebook, 2) a separate document for download, 3) somewhere else? I'm open to suggestions. P.S. Can't thank you enough for this! - varusSMK
  14. That's righteous - thank you for doing this! I'm very grateful. If you would like it shared on the website (which probably makes sense?), please let me know how you would like it shared. The build tool is quick and slick, but there may be players who prefer to lay things out on a table and work with pencil and paper versus a web app. As you previously pointed out, having the system in static format also helps to future proof it as a foundation others can build from (should the website ever be unavailable). -varusSMK
  15. Thanks Infinity - I appreciate it. @any2cards - I don't have them isolated in a document. They were all generated in spreadsheets leveraging custom formulas. That said, I could try to create a quick sheet with the factions, units, and costs. Alternatively, if anyone in the community would like to create such a sheet, I would gladly post it to the website. All the costs and such are listed in the build tool. Any community created material will receive full credit to the creator. In the meantime I will add this to the feature request queue. Truth be told, my long term plan is to CCBY/GRU most or all of the work. I put a lot of time into data entry, and other fan developers shouldn't have to do that again. Thanks for your willingness to playtest. My play group is having a good time with it. varusSMK
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