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  1. Its Ok. The uneven nature of contrast means that although the white suits stormtroopers the paint inherently doesnt suit armour when used as advertised. If rather than covering the whole model you use it to pinshade it looks quite nice, at that point though you arent really getting much benefit compared to traditional techniques.
  2. I think those are already there, just need to check the show unreleased units box at the top.
  3. I'm also just getting into the game so I can't comment on the power of it but I found a core set plus the following has given me a decent amount to play around with Krennic, Death Troopers, 2XShoretroopers. From that you can just plug in Boba and you would be away, it doesn't solve the issue of needing more dice but if like me you simply don't want to buy a second core its not a bad way to go.
  4. I'd recommend getting an ok compressor but pair it with a cheapo airbrush. Actually caring for the airbrush is something of a dark art, get used to it with a budget one and then upgrade to something like a HS Evo once you have some practice.
  5. On the subject of Rosemary and Co they also do a 15/0 for a couple of quid. Its pretty niche but its nice to have for eyes etc.
  6. I think there is an argument for just clippers/knife and glue. Ensuring you don't end up making assembling or painting feel like a chore is pretty key, breaking out a file seems like overkill.
  7. I think that's selling contrast a bit short to be honest. Yes they arent particularly well suited for vehicles or x wing minis but if you head over to the legion section plenty of people are getting decent results from them.
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