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  1. Thank you for the advise. I talked to me DM about taking Knight and he said that he can work with this, but he is going to start me as a Padawan before I go knight, which I think is cool and will present some good roleplaying elements when I find my 'master'. But I am going to fill in some more of the Shii-Cho tree cause there is still some good stuff to get, like the fourth parry and natural blademaster as well as the quick draw and second winds.
  2. So as stated before I play a Starfighter Ace/Shii-Cho Knight before, recently we finished a long session which gave about 40 xp and I have been trying to decide upon how to spend in it or what to spend it on. I've considered trying to pick up another saber style or if i should add knight to it for a higher force rating or continue to further my training in Shii-Cho. Any advice would be welcomed as I have been kind of stressing over this for sometime.
  3. Hi guys, got a question. One of our Jedi, Shii-Cho/Star Fighter Ace with a Force Rating of 2 has been playing for awhile and amassed a considerable trove of experience, our players have about 800 and we are still going strong. Anyway they have some experience to burn and was looking to take the Jedi Knight and meets the prerequisites so my question for my more experience GMs and player is, if I allow him does this specialization cost him 10 extra like picking a specialization from a different career and is it possible for them to take it in the time Galactic Empire?
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