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  1. I've seen a few lists that I've taken inspiration from. Yes I know there is a similar list or at least one with the same concept. I created my own list besides the one I am writing about and decided to blend a few ideas. This list will use Vader and Krennic and will be up close and personal. The list is as follows: Vader 230 pts Force Reflexes, Saber Throw, and Anger. Krennic 100 pts Improvised Orders. Snow Trooper 68 pts Flamethrower. Snow Trooper 73 pts Flamethrower, and impact grenades. Snow Trooper 87 pts Flamethrower, and the FX-9 Medical Droid. Imperial Death Troopers 106 E-11 Grenade Launcher Config, and the DT-F16. Imperial Death Troopers 133 E-11 Grenade Launcher Config, Comms Jammer, and the DLT-19D Trooper. Command cards: Standing orders, Annihilation Looms, Master of Evil, Deploy the Garrison, New Ways to Motivate them, Voracious Ambition, and Implacable. Obviously this squad can dish out a lot of suppression and they can move and shoot very well. My only worry is having just 7 activations and armored units. Please let me know what you think!
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