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  1. I think I will get that. When I first started painting miniatures I did it on my stormtroopers. They were terrible. I quite, and then a few mouths later I decided to go back and paint my legion. The legion ones were great! I think the problem was I over sprayed the primer, ruining all of the details. So I need stormtroopers.
  2. But you can’t use them in a tournament. Thanks for sharing. Is the history accurate in the scenarios?
  3. It’s so sad that FFG had to stop imperial assault because they don’t have the rights to board games.☹️ But I have a question, how did they get away with rebellion? Which is way more of a board game then IA ever was. Does anyone know how that happened?
  4. Sorry. I am that trying to rush you or make you buy something you don’t want. Saying you only have 63 hours wasn’t tying to rush you either, that’s just what it said on the website yesterday. I just herd about this from @Crabbok on his YouTube channel a month ago. If you don’t want it don’t get it. Sorry to anyone who takes this as spam.
  5. Thanks I think I will get some of those. And I could use the extra crates for terrain.
  6. Thanks everyone. I think I will get priority supplies.
  7. We have premium bases but we don’t have normal bases. They sell packs of premium bases for like 15 dollars. I am probably going to magnetize my men to their bases so I can change terrain as I see fit and that means I need 3 bases for each trooper. I don’t own a 3D printer and I don’t know anyone that does so I am going to have to use a company that cost more and I would prefer to use stuff from FFG. So please FFG if you did this I would buy a hundreds of the packs. It also seems weird that they have not done this yet.
  8. That’s awesome! I was like this is awesome but man he ruined some old vintage legos. Your awesome!
  9. Hey guys if you like medieval games you are probably going to like this game. This has nothing to do with armada but I want to spread the word. Crabbok is awesome he reviews a lot of Star Wars ffg and gives battle reports and giveaways, all you have to do is be a subscriber and leave a comment. That’s it. So if you are not a subscriber, subscribe. He did a unboxing of this game and it looks awesome! Trailer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v-1yI4JMeSQ Crabbok’s Preview https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YicZ5Df3Axs Crabbok’s Review https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WxpH7WUuvro So some of my friends don’t like legion because there is no board. It’s a bummer. They like imperial assault (RIP) but it doesn’t feel like a epic battle if feels different a good different but still. This is like legion but with a board. Just sharing, and trying to unlock stretch goals. Tell me if you pledge anything.
  10. I play as both and I got the Fighter expansion 1 and 2 for both sides. I probably will get the scum and villainy pack soon.
  11. If it’s legends I doubt it will be put in. Sometimes they will canonized types of weapons or ships they don’t do that to legend history. But that would be cool for legend lovers.😁
  12. Sorry. I scanned to see if someone already said something. Must have missed it.
  13. What is the brand of that terrain map? Love it!
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