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  1. Hey everyone, sorry for not being active. I ,m back now.
  2. "What ssshould RO-0K and me do while you go undercover?" Bestin asked.
  3. Bestin looks a bit puzzled. "What doessss that mean exactly?"
  4. Bestin takes a few steps towards the prisoner. Why did you try and kill ussss? Were you trying to get the payment back or something elsssse?
  5. @P-47 Thunderbolt Coercion: 2eA+1eC+2eD 2 failures, 1 threat[/Coercion]
  6. I thought it was 400 per racer for the license, and 500 per racer for the actual race?.
  7. How are we going to pay for this race? Darren only has 35 credits, and it’s a little hard to gamble in this town with expensive buy ins of 30 per hand. Lol
  8. Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been active recently. I’m back now.
  9. It had taken a little while, but with a couple of hours of filing out data, and talking with the lady at the desk, Darren had finally finished getting them there license for a cheaper price thanks to some old trikes. "Thank you for your time." And not causing any trouble or questions about the paperwork. He handed over the credits and left the building.
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