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  1. Agree with the general responses, but then, most people hanging around here are probably b/c they like the game My son (12) and daughter (11) both love JiME, and we've played all 3 campaigns, the first 2 multiple times. Looking forward to October campaign too. My daughter never got into IA. My son and I tried it, like, we really wanted to like it, but finally just accepted it sucks. Hate the dice, not much to improve there (unlike scouting your decks), and not nearly as balanced as JiME. We tried mixing the rules, like double threat for instance, but couldn't find a way to make each mission fun. Not the case with JiME. We won't get any IA expansions, which seem to all be at least $30, whereas there are 2 DLC campaigns for JiME for under $10. For under $100 you could have base game and 2 other campaigns. I wish they'd make a harder level though. And open up the ability for making your own campaigns a part of the app. That'd give it even more legs.
  2. I like original too, and if they can add adventures for specific characters (like Imperial Assault), that'd be a cool addition to add to their stories.
  3. Hmm, the DLC says coming soon, whereas the pack says October...
  4. If next big expansion also added 5 heroes, I'd vote for Beorning (assume 1 new race added), Radagast, a hobbit, someone from Rohan, and either dwarf or elf. I like dwarves more, my kids prefer elves tho
  5. You must defeat all enemies, and the app says after you do the adventure ends at the end of the round. We defeated all enemies, went through another 2 rounds, then hit max threat and it said we lost. It should've ended 3 rounds earlier, our last 2 rounds we did nothing, did end phase. Something buggy there, not sure what's supposed to happen, we were thinking maybe the big spider comes out?
  6. We did use Stick and Sword for Gandalf, and he's pretty good. On Normal level, I assume he's a beast b/c of the inspiration from exploring, but we did Hard. Just finished chapter 9, have still only lost 2 adventures, but each one has been close, except 9, we won quick, but I think there's a bug b/c it didn't end, will create separate topic. Overall a good challenge though, it's been worth it.
  7. My son, daughter and I started the new campaign. Gandalf/Meddler, Arwen/Herbalist, Balin/Delver. 4 missions in we're loving it. We've beaten both earlier campaigns on hard, so we decided to stick with hard, and it's been a good challenge. We won 2 and lost 2, and chose the Moria option first (I love Dwarves ). Now just starting the Mirkwood option. Our attack options aren't great with this group, and that's hurt us in the 2 adventures we lost. Looking forward to finishing out the campaign though and trying other heroes/roles.
  8. Yea, pretty sure you'd only get the ability once.
  9. My son and I just started again, with 4 rebels (Fenn, Jyn, Diala, Mak), and yes, IP won the first 2, Rebels won the 3rd. He was IP this time. Rolling has helped him, but all 3 were close. I have a feeling some missions are too hard with only 2 rebels (accomplishing objectives spread out over a map), but 3 is the sweet spot to hit objectives but not easy to wound (I have had at least 2 wounded all 3 missions). I'm realizing this combo has 3 white die defense, not a good idea, and I miss Gaarkhan's damage (I average about 1 DP/attack across all heroes, IP's doing closer to 4 or 5).
  10. Ha, I'm opposite, I'm not sure how IP wins. As I've mentioned elsewhere, depends on rebel setup. Against 3 heroes who know what they're doing, not sure how IP wins. Especially if heroes ignore data center (which would be better approach, you just don't know that the first time through). Have someone against the captive at all times, and that hero just rests to keep their strain at 0, and other heroes kill off IP troops to reduce their attack options. Played at threat level 4, which wasn't helpful b/c I either save up (and captive moves easily) or deploy weak troops who are just killed by Gaarkhan anyway.
  11. I've played now 6 or 7 missions, starting 3 campaigns and not finishing any (b/c players quit). I've noticed the rebel combo is very important, mixed with the right tactics. If those are set, I don't think imperials win. I'm opposite some other comments, early missions the IP has better chance b/c no upgrades for rebels. But even if they lose first couple missions, the advantage for IP is pretty much null. For base game, the Agenda deck is weak. So, if you're against 3 rebels, they get 1 extra activation, and extra health. Someone said make them withdraw? Lol, only if rebels don't know what they're doing. And they get 3 xp even after loss (1 for each), IP gets 1XP. Advantage: rebels. IP gets 1 influence, heroes at least 300 credits (more if they picked up crates). Buying their items are MUCH more useful than the Influence/Agenda options. So they get more XP, and items are better than agenda, even if they lose first few missions, they improve more than IP. I've read through this whole thread, and most don't mention what the rebel makeup is, major difference. I can imagine 2 rebels would make it challenging for them. So at this point, I'm agreed with those who view IP as a DM (tho I've never done D&D), just trying to make it enjoyable (which is hasn't been for me as IP b/c I thought I'd have a chance).
  12. Just played this mission for first time. I'm IP, vs 3 heroes (Garrkhan, Jyn, Gideon). Lost in 4th round. Was 2nd side mission, I had 3 threat level. My droid died b4 doing anything (was damaged, then activated and Jyn quickdraw killed it, so no actions for him, useless). Troopers all had shots at Gaarkhan, but then were all dead after he went, and had extra activation. Gideon damaged the door, so after 1st round, no troops and door half dead. They opened the door and Gaarkhan just went for 2nd door, which was open in 3rd round, Gaarkhan just went to 3rd door, and in 4th, opened, strain to move, interact. I'm actually not sure how rebels couldn't win this one. The extra deploy points are too far from 3rd door, so I deployed there, but trandoshan hunters couldn't even move and shoot Gaarkhan (at least, do any lasting damage). Even if I wounded him, he could still interact w/data core.
  13. We played Normal, 4 character campaign (Gimli, Legolas, Beravor, Aragorn). Thought overall, it was too easy. I understand piling up the Lore quickly (compared to Bones) b/c its shorter. But the trinkets/titles came pretty quick, and it seemed like we were at max inspiration the whole time. The last adventure was bit tougher, we did have to do a last stand (Beravor had 8 damage lol). We killed all 3 decoys, then Coalfang showed up. Each time we tried to let her walk away, not sure what effect that had. It was fun story though, we enjoyed it, will try Hard next time.
  14. Nice! My daughter (10) loves the game, and is itching to paint the figures. This will give her inspiration.
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