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  1. Thank you, this is the clarification I needed!
  2. I have CC on my YV and my ship is touching an enemy. If I play CC and fully complete the full stop (while still at range 0 of the enemy), can I perform actions with CC?
  3. Recently during a game we had this situation: Init 3 ship fires a cluster missile at an Init 1 droid. 2 hits land on the droid with 1 health left. Owner decides not to spend the calculate as the ship would be destroyed in either case, but does not remove the destroyed ship (in this scenario with intentions of saving the calculate token for another droid to potentially use). I have 1.0 hangover so I was of the opinion that as soon as the first ship is destroyed it is removed (along with it's tokens, target locks, etc.), in 2.0 does the destroyed ship get to hang around until all init 3 ships have activated? Am I perhaps remembering 1.0 incorrectly, and it's always been this way? Thanks in advance.
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