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  1. I really, really considered the ewebs, but they just haven't ever performed for me in any games I've run them. It may just be a case of me not using them properly, but limited mobility and range 3 always seems to bite me in the butt. All of the suppressive units on this list can do their job at range 4.
  2. Working off a few assumptions here about Shoretroopers. Assuming you need to take a unit of shores per mortar, and mortars are a corps unit, and the mortar is a 4+ range suppressive weapon, we can do something like Krennic Bossk 2x Shoretroopers 2x Mortars 2x Storms w/DLT 2x Deathtroopers with focus fire config 2x sniper strike teams That gives us 27 points to play with for further upgrades, or could cut one of the Storms to free up another 68. Really depends what the shores have for heavy options I suppose. Basically what we've got here is 12 activations that just throw buckets of suppression on the table. We can match a wonder twins/z6 spam list in activations and hopefully pull ahead with superior action economy. A list like this would be very soft to vehicles, but if it works the way that I'm hoping, there may be a bit of an RPS element to the metagame. Mass suppression beats trooper spam, vehicles beats mass suppression, trooper spam beats vehicles.
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