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  1. I'm trying to find a schedule of events for Store Championships. Is there one?
  2. his case, with lotr lcg costumers. We have been abandoned by ffg spain, with a lot of content out of stock for a long time without any solution for the costumers and with any support on forums. Initial cycles have been out of stock for a very long time, and the only thing has been reprinted is the core box. There is no posibility for this game to grow with the non support it has now. Spanish comunity asked for a reprint of the initial cycles, now than ffg usa has been reprinting initial content, according to the "upcoming" section of this web. A "bad joke" of poll was done during two weeks in an opened topic on the spanish forums, with any kind of advertising and without the support of any of spanish sellers, and the only comunication of ffg has been
  3. The game freezes with a blitzed screen with the game music playing in the background like an old 8-bit PC! - and I'm unable to escape with CMD Q use.
  4. Could still place a win in the 3,000 range. But I'll probably die. I don't get too many midnight wallops I see complained about on the board. But they sure do happen, doom plus two, two monster, another doom. But also with a loss of sanity, I can't remember. Is there any loss of strength? I forget. I just play to survive. I fight off the color locks, the midnight effects, and I try to choose wisely. Usely I'm too conservative. Often I space a key decision. I think that's what gets most of us. What to roll when, or when to feed the investigator clock (circles adventure?). Which adventure to choose is easier to decide wisely. I go to the Ultima Thule (buy stuff) not rarely. It always seems like you're just pushing the clock foreward hard when you wimp out at the hospital or overbuy. But, unlike another post I read, I think sometimes you use the money, and certainly for health.
  5. It was against a very new player, and he brought RAC + Rexler. Needless to say that a Rexler who boosts to evade 2 range 3 shots losing his own in the process, and a RAC who doesn't use his cards (Tua) and thinks using the proton torpedo is his win condition (even though R1 shots are also 4 dice, and can have the free crit with Tua+ability, too!) does not make for the most difficult game.
  6. Following the successful interdiction of a Rebel convoy transporting obsolete AT-RT scout walkers, Imperial Naval Intelligence discovered Rebel rendezvous coordinates on Talfaglio, Correlian Sector within the destroyed GR-75's data banks and quickly dispatched an ISD under the command of Admiral Tarkin - already the vicinity - to investigate. Upon arrival at Talfaglio, the Imperials detected unnatural energy spikes emanating from the planet and launched a regiment under the command of General Veers to search for its source. Veers deployed the regiment to scour the planet for any indications of a Rebel presence, but became the first - along with his security platoon - to discover and initiate contact with elements of the Rebellion's 14th Mobile Infantry and Jedi Knight/terrorist Luke Skywalker.
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