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    Faction Prizes

    This could be FFG's initial way to stop netlisting, I am not sure it's a great way, but at least it's a start. If you want to play Rebel Beef or Quad Phantoms, OK, but you will need to be on top of your game to get a card, but if you want to play your favourite Scum ships, you are more of a chance to win a prize. Are there even 16 Scum players at the bigger tournaments?
  2. Your situation is more the outlier than the rule. Conversion kits are to get 1.0 players over to 2.0 as seamlessly as possible. The kits aren't designed for the purpose your post is about. Imagine the furore that would have happened if players received 2 Howlrunners? There would have been cries of product padding and receiving little value for money. As to what upgrades go with what ships? Any ship with a mod slot can take afterburners, is it rubbish on a Bomber? yes, but it doesn't mean people cant use it on one. I think your best option is to share what you have now, at a later date pool your resources and get a second one if it is that important to you. I think FFG did the best they could to satisfy as many players as possible. They would have had a dead game if they told 1.0 players that they need to buy the new ships to get the upgrade and pilot cards.
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