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  1. Hey, I had the same problem as you and I managed to figure it out. My character had both the Rigger and Modder specializations. The error occurred due to some conflict with both specs "Signature Vehicle" talent causing some kind of weird interaction with each other. I removed one the specs, saved the character, and the GM Tools loaded up fine. I think the program is trying to apply both instances of "Signature Vehicle" at once, but one of them sticks, and the other end up pointing to some vehicle object that doesn't exist, throwing the error. I don't know if this applies to similar talents, but you could see if that helps somehow.
  2. Hello OggDude, I'm having an issue whenever I try to open GM Tools in version 2.3.2. It seems to only happen when I have characters in my list in the Character Generator. If I remove the character and clear the cache, I can open GM Tools like normal. But adding the character back in causes GM Tools to act up again. I'm not sure what the offending information is on the character that's causing it to act up. I have crafted a vehicle and some items, but beyond that, there's nothing really significant that's coming to mind. I've tried recreating the character from scratch, but it ends up this way again. I'm sure there's something I'm missing, but any help would be appreciated.
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