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  1. In most cases try to pick what would be the most balanced match. If a quest seems too one sided, the heroes will not have as much fun. As an overlord my main goal is to make it a fun and intense game for everyone. If the heroes have won a couple more quests than I have, then I might go full tryhard mode in order for them not to snowball. If your friends are new to Descent, you really should go easy on them and let them figure out that this is not a game where you can take it slow, explore and stand around killing goblins like they did in the first quest. Tell them that there is time preasure and they should have somewhat of a plan of how to approach a quest even before they make their first turn. I say pick monsters that you think will make their experience pleasant and exciting, and maybe go harder on them on later quests when they've gotten into it a bit. I think I'd pick medusa so they get introduced to those conditions.
  2. This won't answer your question, but.. My poor man's solution is to print the cards on ordinary paper and just slide it into the same card sleeve as the old card. It kind of works since you get the old backside and it's an updated version of the existing card behind.
  3. Thank you for putting in so much time and effort into this and sharing it with us. As soon as I read through my Lost Legends cards I also decided to make a variant of some of the unpopular class decks within my play group. Some of the changes we've made are very similar and some are not I have only done the Spiritspeaker, Necromancer, Berserker and Thief so far. <-- Check it out. I've tried to make them feel the like the same class, but also elaborating on some of their uniqueness. I realize now that I've probably made these classes a bit too strong, but that can be tweaked. Some idea's might be fun though. * The Berserker can now harm himself using rage, charge further if he is wounded. The change I made to Rage might make picking Mordrog a no brainer though, which I don't want. Not sure if Execute needed that buff either... * The Necromancer does not have to struggle as much with keeping his Reanimate alive and spending actions to resummon him all the time. Since the Reanimate always have been able to roll a blue, red and yellow die if you have Vampyric Blood, you are now presented the oppertunity to make spend surge effects on your equipped weapon instead of just ⚡: +1 🖤. (I don't think the wording allows you to combo Undead Might with Army of Death, but I'm not a 100% sure? * The Thief gets a a little more incentive to go melee if he wants. He can also combo things with sneaky if that's the way he wants to play. * The Spiritspeaker can now use Stoneskin multiple times per round and has an easier time recovering fatigue. The surge effect on Drain Spirit might be too strong though. The Nature's bounty buff seems a bit uncreative as well. Please roast or critique my ideas all you want. I don't want to make anything busted for me and my group! Cheers!
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