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  1. While it might not be as appealing to try as official content, there is well executed fan made content out there that you could try if you haven't already And it keeps on coming. Valkyre campaigns (RTL): Shadow Rune Project The Trollfens Physical competitive campaign: Elements of Demise Fan made expansion Sands of the Past Very interesting custom Heroes and classes Maze of Drakon Rugal's Druid You can find more here.
  2. It seems like it will be about the Heroes from the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion. Durik, Ulma, Logan and Dezera. Maybe Dezera will be a sort of antagonist? I cool fan project would be to create a campaign book or a Valkyre campaign based on this novel, using components from the Base game and Labyrinth of Ruin. You could also create a Lieutenant card for Dezera using the new art on the cover, sort of like how Raythen and Serena works.
  3. That's not a done token. I just chaged the colors of an image I found really fast to show what I was taking about. It should be round and have a frame like the original ones. I figured that if you like the idea, you'll be able to make a better looking one than I can. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. I was thinking about the Rejuvenate tokens. They are green, cause you're leaves and it's the Regrowth icon from World of Warcraft. I get it. Green fits a Druid cause they're all about leaves, roots, forests and vines, but in Descent all healer tokens seem to keep within another color scheme, which is more along the lines of this. Green tokens in Descent are usually associated with Scout classes like Stalker and Bounty hunter. What do you guys think about this idea?
  5. Thank you so much! Time to remake all the cards I've already printed lol! ๐Ÿคฉ I'd gladly take a look at those overlord and item templates too if I'm not asking too much The ones I have at the moment have equal or lower resolution than the one I linked to before. I also tried to change the divider a little bit to avoid confusion about the fatigue cost. I know that you've discussed this before so I know I'm a bit late to the party. What do you guys think about this rough version?
  6. Very exciting work and with such great quality. You guys are great! Where did you get those very high resulution templates for the class cards? I've used these but yours seem to have a tad better quality. Very minor thing: If you look at this through a mathematical perspective you'd might missunderstand and read it like this: Green is greater than yellew, which is greater than red. People who have played Descent knows that this is not the case but maybe if you show this to a new player, he/she would might be confused. Maybe changing the ">" icons on the card to small, neat little arrows instead is a good idea? -> Question: With this wording, are we allowed to reroll a defense die during an attribute test or is it just during an attack? I think it is just during an attack, but does this need to be specified further? Correction: - When a hero discards a an rejuvenate token. - At the start of each encounter, at the start of you turn, you may perform take 1 additional action (maybe) Keep it up guys! ๐Ÿ‘
  7. If we look at the other male dwarf heroes. They seem to often have names containing the letter "R" and 1 or 2 syllables. Augur, Corbin, Grisban, Krutzbeck, Raythen and Glyr. Maybe naming him pretty similar to Grisban would be fitting and extra obvious for the people who do not follow this forum, but are in our play groups. An example is the dwarf brothers in "The Hobbit" who are called Fili and Kili. Here are some examples that I'm not too happy with, but you get the point! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kruban Rugban Norban Durban Harban Aurban Glarban Tarban And the titles I can think of right now are: The Merry The Jolly The Lucky The Cheery The Delighted
  8. I think the old version was pretty interesting as well. This one seems even more fun and easier to understand though. Really cool tiles ๐Ÿ‘ Keep up the good work!
  9. I messed around a little on Hero Forge and it seems that you can make some pretty good proxies to match artwork. So if you've got a lot of money I guess Hero Forge is a good option. Links to each character: Bogran The Shadow Brother Glyr Aurim Kirga Landrec The Wise Laughin Buldar Mad Carthos Tobin Farslayer Varikas The Dead Note that I haven't adjusted the hight among other things. So do not order any of these right away before checking all the sliders out for yourself. Also, feel free to give suggestions on how to improve them. I guess you'd have to fix some things with green stuff after ordering them to achieve even closer results. For example Laughin Buldar's cat shoulder pads or Kirga's giant cloak.
  10. Yeah, if you download the image files they're named Laughin Bouldar, Varikas The Dead and Tobin Farlayer. Pretty neat!
  11. Hi again. I' m not sure if this is any clearer. English isn't my first language either :) Hero ability If you or an adjacent hero are targeted by an attack, you may suffer 1 ๐ŸŒข to combine yours and the adjacent heroโ€™s defense pools. Both heroes suffer โค from the attack result. This ability cannot be used if you have suffered 1 or more โค this round. Heroic Feat Action: You and an adjacent hero each perform an attack at the same time targeting the same monster. Each hero makes an attack roll and spends ๐Ÿ—ฒ separately, but the โค dealt is then combined. The monster rolls defense only once. I'll keep thinking of other ways to phrase it.
  12. This is great! All your ideas have been amazing so far and the quality is so good. I'll have to get myself a copy of Drakon and figure out a way to print those hero sheets with good quality! I feel like the text on the hero ability and heroic feat are a bit confusing, but I cant find a better way to phrase it myself without making the text too long. Keep doing what you're doing!
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