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  1. As you know, in organised play, players can read opponent's deck list for two minutes before main game. In my country players can buy KeyForge decks in two languages: english and polish. Imagine now, that I take my deck with polish name, decklist, rulings on card to tournament in USA. My opponents don't know polish, and names on decklist don't tell him anything. Fox example Pitlord in polish is Władca Otchłani and Wild Wormhole is Luka Czasoprzestrzenna (try to pronounce it xD). My opponent can find card by it's number, but 2 minutes it's to short time to find all cards. How to deal with this situation?
  2. Gaido


    It will be fun to find some foil, or other fancy, nice looking, special cards, that we can find in our decks. I don't know if it will be difficult for current KeyForge's printing technology. And I know that currently decks are cheap, so it will be difficult to print good foil cards without raising craft cost. But I leave this topic here, just if somebody want to share some perfect ideas, to make us deck more cool and stuff.
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